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Skill - ترجمة إلى العربية




إِتْقان ; إِجَادَة ; مَهَارَة ; يَدٌ ( أَيَادٍ ) بَيْضاء

اسْم : مهارة . حِذْق . براعة
مهارة ، براعة


A somewhat peculiar blend between Franz-Lisp and C, with a large set of various CAD primitives. It is owned by Cadence Design Systems and has been used in their CAD frameworks since 1985. It's an extension language to the CAD framework (in the same way that Emacs-Lisp extends {GNU Emacs}), enabling you to automate virtually everything that you can do manually in for example the graphic editor. Skill accepts C-syntax, fun(a b), as well as Lisp syntax, (fun a b), but most users (including Cadence themselves) use the C-style. [Jonas Jarnestrom <>]. (1995-02-14)


Cadence SKILL

SKILL is a Lisp dialect used as a scripting language and PCell (parameterized cells) description language used in many EDA software suites by Cadence Design Systems. It was originally put forth in an IEEE paper in 1990.

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