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Skip - ترجمة إلى العربية

Skips; Skipped; Skip (disambiguation); Skips (disambiguation)



قَفْزَة ; نَطَّة ; وَثْبَة


أَسْقَطَ ; أَغْفَلَ ; تَخَطَّى ; تَرَكَ ; غَفَلَ ; قَفَزَ

يطفر، يثب مرحا يتخطى ، يقفز من نقطة الى اخرى او من موضوع الى اخر از أو من صف مدرسى الى اخر مفوتا ما بينهما ينصرف خلسة او على عجل
يحذف ، يتخطى يرفع (تلميذا ) من صف الى أخر متخطيا ما بينهما يجعله يثب او ينزلق بسرعة فوق سطح ما يثب فوق شئ بخفة و رشاقة يغادر (مكانا) خلسة و بخفة يتغير عن كذا بغير اذن يقود (فريقا رياضيا الخ)
قفزة ، وثبة حذف = شئ محذوف قائد فريق رياضى skipper تخط أو تفويت
‎ يَتَخَطَّى‎


Lowest form of script kiddie, highlighted by low intelligence and lack of knowledge of computer systems.
Commonly found trying to crack cable modem users. Generally have big mouths.
A: So, did that loudmouth skip on IRC ever do anything to your computer, like he said?
B: He just tried some outdated overflow trick. Just some skip.



Skip or Skips may refer to:

أمثلة النطق لـ٪ 1
1. Skip.
Hot Fuzz (2007)
2. Skip this
Diamond Dining CEO _ Atsuhisa Matsumura _ Talks at Google
3. skip ahead.
Pike Place Fish Demo _ Anders Miller & Bryan Jarr _ Talks at Google
4. Skip kids.
Juggling Act _ Pat Gelsinger _ Talks at Google
5. skip ahead.
Pike Place Fish Demo _ Anders Miller & Bryan Jarr _ Talks at Google
أمثلة من مجموعة نصية لـ٪ 1
1. The vice skip also takes over the role of calling commands when the skip throws the final two stones.
2. Moose, who also played the older dog Skip in the 2000 film "My Dog Skip," was retired in recent years.
3. His last acting part was with Frankie Muniz and Kevin Bacon in the feature film My Dog Skip, playing the the older Skip.
4. He starred in the film My Dog Skip (playing Skip) and numerous advertisements, as well as 10 seasons of the Emmy–award–winning show.
5. He paid the local council for a skip licence and hired a skip with a drop–down front and parked it outside the property.