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Specially - ترجمة إلى العربية

Mawson Hut, Antartica; Mawsons Hut Antartica; Mawsons Hut; Mawsons hut; Mawson's Hut; Mawson's hut; Mawsons Hut Antarctica; Mawson's Huts Antarctica; Mawson Huts; Mawson's Huts Antarctic Specially Protected Area
  • Australian National Heritage Site]].

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·adv In a special manner; particularly; especially.
II. Specially ·adv For a particular purpose; as, a meeting of the legislature is specially summoned.


Mawson's Huts

Mawson's Huts are the collection of buildings located at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, in the far eastern sector of the Australian Antarctic Territory, some 3000 km south of Hobart. The buildings were erected and occupied by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of 1911-1914, led by geologist and explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.

Mawson's Huts are rare as one of just six surviving sites from the Heroic Era of Antarctic exploration. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition was the only Heroic Era expedition organised, manned and supported primarily by Australians.

The huts included a magnetograph hut, used to measure variations in the south magnetic pole; an absolute magnetic hut, which was used as a reference point for studies in the magnetograph hut; and the transit hut, an astronomical observatory.

The most important building at the site is the winter living quarters, known as "Mawson's Hut". This pyramid-roofed hut was home to the eighteen men of the AAE main base party in 1912, and the seven (including Douglas Mawson) who stayed on for an unplanned second year in 1913. The hut combines two sections - the living quarters and the workshop, prefabricated in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, and shipped to the site for construction in 1912 by the AAE team.

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