Spin, to - ترجمة إلى العربية
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Spin, to - ترجمة إلى العربية

Spin doctor; Spin (politics); Spin doctoring; Spin Doctor; Political spin; Spin (political); Spin-doctor; Spindoctor; Damage limitation; Spin-doctors; Spin-doctoring; Spinmeister; Spin (public relations); Spin (corporations); Spin (corporate); Corporate spin; Marketing spin; Advertising spin; Business spin; Spin tactics; Spin techniques; Spin consultant; Spin (media); Spin-Doctor; Government spin; Spinmeisters
  • Public figures use [[press conference]]s so often as a way to control the timing and specificity of their messages to the media that press conference facilities have been nicknamed "[[spin room]]s".
  • Cherry picking is a practice of using selective facts to present to the public. It refers to the farming practice of picking only ripe cherries.

Spin, to      
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Spinning; Spin speed; SPIN; Spin (disambiguation); Spin (album); Spin (film); Spin (band); Spinning (disambiguation)
‎ سابقة بمعنى الشَّوْكَة,سابقة بمعنى النُّخَاع,غَزْل,يَغْزِلُ‎
  • Panorama of SPiN San Francisco's interior}}
  • Interior of SPiN NYC
Spinning; Spin speed; SPIN; Spin (disambiguation); Spin (album); Spin (film); Spin (band); Spinning (disambiguation)
فِعْل : يَغْزِل . يَنْسج . يدوِّم . يدور بسرعة . يهبط لولبيّاً بسرعة . يُدير . يجعله يدور


spin doctor
(spin doctors)
In politics, a spin doctor is someone who is skilled in public relations and who advises political parties on how to present their policies and actions. (INFORMAL)


Spin (propaganda)

In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through knowingly providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to influence public opinion about some organization or public figure. While traditional public relations and advertising may manage their presentation of facts, "spin" often implies the use of disingenuous, deceptive, and manipulative tactics.

Because of the frequent association between spin and press conferences (especially government press conferences), the room in which these conferences take place is sometimes described as a "spin room". Public relations advisors, pollsters and media consultants who develop deceptive or misleading messages may be referred to as "spin doctors" or "spinmeisters".

A standard tactic used in "spinning" is to reframe or modify the perception of an issue or event to reduce any negative impact it might have on public opinion. For example, a company whose top-selling product is found to have a significant safety problem may "reframe" the issue by criticizing the safety of its main competitor's products or by highlighting the risk associated with the entire product category. This might be done using a "catchy" slogan or sound bite that can help to persuade the public of the company's biased point of view. This tactic could enable the company to refocus the public's attention away from the negative aspects of its product.

Spinning is typically a service provided by paid media advisors and media consultants. The largest and most powerful companies may have in-house employees and sophisticated units with expertise in spinning issues. While spin is often considered to be a private-sector tactic, in the 1990s and 2000s some politicians and political staff were accused of using deceptive "spin" tactics to manipulate or deceive the public. Spin may include "burying" potentially negative new information by releasing it at the end of the workday on the last day before a long weekend; selectively cherry-picking quotes from previous speeches made by their employer or an opposing politician to give the impression that they advocate a certain position; or purposely leaking misinformation about an opposing politician or candidate that casts them in a negative light.

أمثلة النطق لـ٪ 1
1. your spine to lean against the backrest.
The New Rules Of Posture - How To Sit, Stand and Walk _ Mary Bond _ Talks at Google
2. So you use that as almost like a kind of spine to work from.
Eliot Higgins _ We Are Bellingcat - An Intelligence Agency for the People _ Talks at Google
3. with no particular spin, to all of the children in the country.
4. Strengthens the shoulders, the neck, the muscles up and down the spine to provide a backup
Run Injury Free _ Jeff Galloway _ Talks at Google
5. I said, "you don't understand there's no music for us to spin to."
Principles of Applied Stupidity _ Justin Locke _ Talks at Google
أمثلة من مجموعة نصية لـ٪ 1
1. However, I do wish people would stop using the word ‘spin‘ to describe lies.
2. Before you join the "close it down" chorus, look past the spin to the facts.
3. It seems to me that its function is to give bad spin to good manners.
4. This rubbish about "aimed a punch" is just desperate spin to deflect attention away from blatant dishonesty.
5. To function properly, steam engines regularly have to go long distances, so about three times a year they are taken for a spin to such places as Karelia.