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gondola - ترجمة إلى العربية

Gondolas; Gondoliers; Gondoliere; Gondolier
  • Santi Giovanni e Paolo]] in a painting by [[Michele Marieschi]]
  • ''La Riva'' by [[John Singer Sargent]]
  • ''Gondola Races on the Grand Canal of Venice'', by [[Grigory Gagarin]] (1830s) "Gondolinos, a slimmer and light-weight version of the gondola, were built for racing and elegant outings.
  • Grand Canal]]
  • Gondolas at their moorings
  • A gondola ride
  • On the Grand Canal
  • Gondola on the [[Providence River]], Rhode Island
  • Gondolier
  • Traghetti; by 2017, only three remained in Venice.
  • Grand Canal]]
  • Gondoliers plying their craft in a narrow canal




اسْم : الغُندول . زورق فينيسيا
الغندول : زورق فينسيسا او البندقية = عربة سكة حديد لا غطاء لها ( لنقل السلع الضخمة )= عربة مستطيلة تعلق بالجانب الادنى من الطائرة = كرسى منجد ينحرف ظهره الى الامام ، عند الجانبين ، ليشكل ذراعيه= شاحنة لنقل الاسمنت الممزوج


A gondola is a long narrow boat that is used especially in Venice. It has a flat bottom and curves upwards at both ends. A person stands at one end of the boat and uses a long pole to move and steer it.



The gondola (English: , Italian: [ˈɡondola]; Venetian: góndoła [ˈɡoŋdoɰa]) is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat, well suited to the conditions of the Venetian lagoon. It is typically propelled by a gondolier, who uses a rowing oar, which is not fastened to the hull, in a sculling manner and also acts as the rudder. The uniqueness of the gondola includes its being asymmetrical along the length making the single-oar propulsion more efficient.

For centuries, the gondola was a major means of transportation and the most common watercraft within Venice. In modern times, the boats still do have a role in public transport in the city, serving as traghetti (small ferries) over the Grand Canal operated by two oarsmen.

Various types of gondola boats are also used in special regattas (rowing races) held amongst gondoliers. Their primary role today, however, is to carry tourists on rides at fixed rates. There are approximately 400 licensed gondoliers in Venice and a similar number of boats, down from the thousands that travelled the canals centuries ago. However, they are now elegantly crafted, instead of the various types of shabby homemade boats of the distant past.

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1. My gondola is stacked.
Hamilton, National Touring Cast _ Josh Andrés Rivera _ Talks at Google
2. and go drive your car over a gondola in Venice.
3. My gondola will be more simple than that.
4. This is the envelope, and this is the gondola, the payload.
5. lovely souvenirs as they pass underneath them in their gondolas. So, what else could these
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1. More polls» One of these capsules will be a "luxury VIP gondola" equipped with leather armchairs.
2. But the tether broke and the balloon bounced back up, causing its gondola to tip.
3. He suffered chest injuries, including a punctured lung, when he fell from the gondola.
4. A third man had gone ahead of them and was waiting inside the gondola.
5. Gondolas Probably the only time Venetians take a gondola ride is the day of their wedding, but crossing the Grand Canal on a 50c traghetto – a gondola where passengers stand – is a daily activity.