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Net cost      
صافي سعر التكلفة
net cost      
سعر التكلفة
سعر التكلفة      

net cost

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1. for a net cost of 175 billion --
2. is a net cost for solar and you divide that by the expected amount of kilowatt hour of
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1. "There will be no net cost to the Exchequer," he added.
2. When the provisions are combined, they would have a net cost to the Treasury of $68.8 billion over five years.
3. Unlike a tax, the program could be designed so the net cost change to consumers was zero.
4. Because OPIC charges market–based fees for its products, it operates on a self–sustaining basis at no net cost to taxpayers.
5. But Mordashov will also contribute 1.25 billion euros in cash to Arcelor making the net cost of the deal about 12 billion euros.