Israel Communist Party - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Israel Communist Party - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Israeli Communist Party; Maki party; Israel's Communist Party; Communist Party of Israel; New Communist List; Maki (current political party); Israel Communist Party
  • Rakah members in 1969
  • Original logo of the party when it was named Rakah, or the New Communist List, in 1965

Israel Communist Party         
Kommunistische Partei Israels
Communist Manifesto         
  • Immediately after the [[Cologne Communist Trial]] of late 1852, the [[Communist League]] disbanded itself.
  • March 1848 Revolution]] in Berlin
  • Only surviving page from the first draft of the ''Manifesto'', handwritten by [[Karl Marx]]
  • 1917 October Revolution]], Marx and Engels' classics like ''The Communist Manifesto'' were distributed far and wide.
  • commemorating]] the 100th anniversary of the ''Manifesto''
Communist Manifesto; Communist manifesto; Manifesto of the Communist Party; The communist manifesto; Communist manifest; Kommunist manifesto; Kommunist manifest; The Manifesto of the Communist Party; Manifesto of Communism; Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei; A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism; Marx and Engels
das Kommunistische Manifest (veröffentlicht von Marx und Engels und die Grundlage des modernen Kommunismus)
communist country         
  • States that had communist governments in red, states that the [[Soviet Union]] believed at one point to be [[moving toward socialism]] in orange, and other [[socialist state]]s in yellow (note that not all of the bright red states remained [[Soviet allies]])
  • A map of current communist states
  • The meeting place of the Chinese [[National People's Congress]]
Marxist-Leninist government; Communist government (Characteristics); Communist states; Communist government; Marxist-Leninist dictatorship; Communist country; Communist State; Communist governments; Communist Governments; State Communism; State communism; Communist countries; Former communist states; Communist Party state; Communist regime; Communist regimes; List of current communist states; Marxist dictatorship; List of Communist Nations; Communist-led state; List of communist states; Communist republic; List of former communist countries; Communist nation; Communist nations; State communist; Current Communist nations; Socialist dictatorship; Current Communist states; Marxist-Leninist state; Communist Regime; Communist party rule; User:Zozs/Marxist-Leninist state; Marxist–Leninist state; Communist Countries; Marxist–Leninist government; Marxist–Leninist regime; Marxist-Leninist regime; Marxist–Leninist countries; Marxist-Leninist countries; National democracy (Marxism–Leninism); National democracy (Marxism-Leninism); Workers and peasants' state; Communist rule; National-democratic state
Kommunistischer Staat


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Maki (political party)

The Israeli Communist Party, commonly known by its Hebrew acronym Maki (מק״י‎), is a communist political party in Israel and forms part of the political alliance known as Hadash. It was originally known as Rakah (רק"ח), an acronym for Reshima Komunistit Hadasha ("New Communist List"), after breaking away from the original Maki in the 1960s.

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1. This included expelling 22 members who were followers of Israel Communist Party founder Moshe Sneh.
2. Even Meir Wilner, a member of Maki, the Israel Communist Party (and later the secretary–general of Rakah and the chair of Hadash), signed.
3. However, the party‘s Arabic site,, contains a speech by Mohammed Nafaa, the secretary general of one of Hadash‘s factions, the Israel Communist Party.
4. He has visited his family several times in Israel since the early ‘'0s and even participated in various events organized by the Israel Communist Party (Maki) and Hadash in the ‘'0s.
5. Even in Hadash they are very particular about this matter, although the movement came into being in order to expand the ranks of the Israel Communist Party, which has a known attitude towards religion.