Italian citizen - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Italian citizen - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Italian Citizenship; Italian citizenship; Nationality law of Italy; Italian citizen; Italian nationality; Italian Citizenship Law; Citizenship of Italy
  • Certificate of Italian nationality issued to Benzion Venezia in 1943 by the Italian consulate in [[Thessaloniki]], German-occupied Greece
  • Inside cover of an Italian [[biometric passport]] issued in 2006
  • Cover of an Italian [[biometric passport]] issued in 2006
  • Visa required prior to arrival}}

Italian citizen         
n. italienischer Staatsbürger
Italian restaurant         
  • DOC]] labels on two bottles of [[Italian wine]]
  • Various types of [[pasta]]
  • Traditional Piedmontese ''[[agnolotti]]''
  • antipasto}}
  • A classic Italian ''[[aperitivo]]''
  • On the Subject of Cooking}}), 1709 edition.
  • ''[[Arancini]]''
  • The Art of Well Cooking}}) published by Bartolomeo Stefani in 1662
  • A [[Chicken parmigiana]], based on a combination of the Italian ''[[parmigiana di melanzane]]'' with a ''[[cotoletta]]''. It is widespread in [[North America]] and [[Australia]].
  • ''[[Pesto]]'', a [[Liguria]]n sauce made out of basil, olive oil, hard cheese and pine nuts, and which can be eaten with pasta or other dishes such as soup
  • Bucatini}} with [[Amatriciana sauce]], which features the New World food of tomatoes
  •  page=198}}</ref>
  • carasau]]'' bread
  • Bottles of ''[[limoncello]]''
  • Maiale Ubriaco - Pork Braised in Chianti with Tuscan Kale
  • ''[[Cotoletta]]''
  • A ''[[pizzeria]]'' in [[Rosebank, Gauteng]], [[South Africa]]
  • alla carbonara]]''
  • fiasco]]''
  • ''[[Finocchiona]]'', a classic Tuscan Salami
  • ''[[Fontina]]'' cheese from Valle d'Aosta
  • A restored medieval kitchen inside [[Verrucole Castle]], Tuscany.
  • ''[[Frico]]'', a traditional dish in the [[Friuli-Venezia Giulia]] region
  • [[Saffron]] has been used in Italy for centuries.
  • Billboard in front of a grocery store announcing "Gnocchi del 29" in the [[Soriano Department]], [[Uruguay]]
  • ''[[Espresso]]''
  • Baked ''[[lasagne]]'' with ''[[ragù]]''
  • cornetto]]''
  • ''[[Milanesa]] a la napolitana'' with [[French fries]], an Italian-inspired dish based on the original ''[[cotoletta]]'' dish from [[Milan]], common in [[South America]]
  • A varietal [[Sagrantino]] indigenous to the region of Umbria
  • ''[[Mozzarella]] di bufala'' is a dairy product traditionally made from buffalo milk in southern Italy.
  • ''[['Nduja]]'' with bread, with a piece of 'Nduja sausage in the background
  • ''[[Olive ascolane]]''
  • [[Olive oil]]
  • cime di rapa]]'' sauce
  • ''[[Ossobuco]]'' served with ''[[risotto alla milanese]]''
  • ''[[Parmigiano-Reggiano]]'' cheese
  • ''[[Parmigiana di melanzane]]''
  • ''[[Pasta alla Norma]]'' is amongst Sicily's most historic and iconic dishes.
  • ''[[Pasta con i peperoni cruschi]]'', a traditional dish from Basilicata
  • ''[[Piadina]]''
  • ''[[Polenta]]'' with ''[[bagna càuda]]''
  • ''[[Polenta]]'' served with ''[[sopressa]]'' and mushrooms, a traditional [[peasant food]] of Veneto
  • figatellu}}
  • ''[[Focaccia]]'' with rosemary. Focaccia is widely associated with Ligurian cuisine
  • [[Italian wine]] and ''[[salumi]]''
  • language=it}}</ref>
  • [[Bartolomeo Scappi]], personal chef to [[Pope Pius V]]
  • alpine]] regional and [[Austria]]n influence.
  • An Italian-American pizza with pepperoni (salami), mushrooms, olives and peppers
  • ''[[Tagliatelle]]'' with ''[[ragù]]''
  • page=x}}</ref>
  • torta frita}}, which derives from Italian ''[[gnocco fritto]]''
  • url-status=dead}}</ref>
  • Grilled swordfish
  • Waiter pouring [[Prosecco]]
  • ''[[Zeppole]]''
Italian food; Cuisine of Italy; Cuisine of Tuscany; Italian cusine; Italalian cuisine; Cusine of Italy; Tuscan cooking; Tuscan cuisine; Italian liqueur; Italian Cuisine; Italian restaurant; Drinking in Italy; Northern Italian cuisine; Fette biscottate; Gastronomy of Italy; Italian cooking; Regional cuisines of Italy; History of Italian cuisine; Ristorante; Italian rice; Medieval Italian cuisine
italienisches Restaurant
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The Ottawa Citizen; Bytown Packet; History of the Ottawa Citizen;
n. "Ottawa Citizen", große Tageszeitung die in Ottawa (Kanada) erscheint


·Impf & ·p.p. of Italianize.


Italian nationality law

Italian nationality law is the law of Italy governing the acquisition, transmission and loss of Italian citizenship. Like many continental European countries it is largely based on jus sanguinis. It also incorporates many elements that are seen as favourable to the Italian diaspora. The Italian Parliament's 1992 update of Italian nationality law is Law no. 91, and came into force on 15 August 1992. Presidential decrees and ministerial directives, including several issued by the Ministry of the Interior, instruct the civil service how to apply Italy's citizenship-related laws.

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1. I'm an Italian citizen.
Venuto al mondo
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1. An Italian citizen was among the wounded, the Italian Foreign Ministry said.
2. Daniele Mastrogiacomo is the third Italian citizen kidnapped in Afghanistan since 2005.
3. The suit was filed on behalf of three people, including an Italian citizen, who the ACLU said were abducted by the CIA, detained and tortured.
4. As a result, any French or Italian citizen who receives a new, non–digital passport after today will need a visa before going to the US.
5. La Repubblica in an emailed statement to Pajhwok said Daniele, born in Pakistans Karachi, was an Italian citizen, who worked with the paper since 1'80 as in charge of foreign politics.