Italian$41170$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Italian$41170$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Scots Italian; Scots-Italian; Italian-Scots; Italian Scot; Scottish-Italians; Scottish-Italian; Scottish Italian; Italian Scottish

n. Italiener, Einwohner Italiens, Person italienischer Abstammung
Italian restaurant         
  • DOC]] labels on two bottles of [[Italian wine]]
  • Various types of [[pasta]]
  • Traditional Piedmontese ''[[agnolotti]]''
  • antipasto}}
  • A classic Italian ''[[aperitivo]]''
  • On the Subject of Cooking}}), 1709 edition.
  • ''[[Arancini]]''
  • The Art of Well Cooking}}) published by Bartolomeo Stefani in 1662
  • A [[Chicken parmigiana]], based on a combination of the Italian ''[[parmigiana di melanzane]]'' with a ''[[cotoletta]]''. It is widespread in [[North America]] and [[Australia]].
  • ''[[Pesto]]'', a [[Liguria]]n sauce made out of basil, olive oil, hard cheese and pine nuts, and which can be eaten with pasta or other dishes such as soup
  • Bucatini}} with [[Amatriciana sauce]], which features the New World food of tomatoes
  •  page=198}}</ref>
  • carasau]]'' bread
  • Bottles of ''[[limoncello]]''
  • Maiale Ubriaco - Pork Braised in Chianti with Tuscan Kale
  • ''[[Cotoletta]]''
  • A ''[[pizzeria]]'' in [[Rosebank, Gauteng]], [[South Africa]]
  • alla carbonara]]''
  • fiasco]]''
  • ''[[Finocchiona]]'', a classic Tuscan Salami
  • ''[[Fontina]]'' cheese from Valle d'Aosta
  • A restored medieval kitchen inside [[Verrucole Castle]], Tuscany.
  • ''[[Frico]]'', a traditional dish in the [[Friuli-Venezia Giulia]] region
  • [[Saffron]] has been used in Italy for centuries.
  • Billboard in front of a grocery store announcing "Gnocchi del 29" in the [[Soriano Department]], [[Uruguay]]
  • ''[[Espresso]]''
  • Baked ''[[lasagne]]'' with ''[[ragù]]''
  • cornetto]]''
  • ''[[Milanesa]] a la napolitana'' with [[French fries]], an Italian-inspired dish based on the original ''[[cotoletta]]'' dish from [[Milan]], common in [[South America]]
  • A varietal [[Sagrantino]] indigenous to the region of Umbria
  • ''[[Mozzarella]] di bufala'' is a dairy product traditionally made from buffalo milk in southern Italy.
  • ''[['Nduja]]'' with bread, with a piece of 'Nduja sausage in the background
  • ''[[Olive ascolane]]''
  • [[Olive oil]]
  • cime di rapa]]'' sauce
  • ''[[Ossobuco]]'' served with ''[[risotto alla milanese]]''
  • ''[[Parmigiano-Reggiano]]'' cheese
  • ''[[Parmigiana di melanzane]]''
  • ''[[Pasta alla Norma]]'' is amongst Sicily's most historic and iconic dishes.
  • ''[[Pasta con i peperoni cruschi]]'', a traditional dish from Basilicata
  • ''[[Piadina]]''
  • ''[[Polenta]]'' with ''[[bagna càuda]]''
  • ''[[Polenta]]'' served with ''[[sopressa]]'' and mushrooms, a traditional [[peasant food]] of Veneto
  • figatellu}}
  • ''[[Focaccia]]'' with rosemary. Focaccia is widely associated with Ligurian cuisine
  • [[Italian wine]] and ''[[salumi]]''
  • language=it}}</ref>
  • [[Bartolomeo Scappi]], personal chef to [[Pope Pius V]]
  • alpine]] regional and [[Austria]]n influence.
  • An Italian-American pizza with pepperoni (salami), mushrooms, olives and peppers
  • ''[[Tagliatelle]]'' with ''[[ragù]]''
  • page=x}}</ref>
  • torta frita}}, which derives from Italian ''[[gnocco fritto]]''
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  • Grilled swordfish
  • Waiter pouring [[Prosecco]]
  • ''[[Zeppole]]''
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italienisches Restaurant
Italian Riviera         
  • ''La Riviera italienne'', travel poster for [[ENIT]], ca. 1920.
  • [[Giardino all'italiana]] [[Cervara Abbey]]
Riviera di Levante; Riviera di Ponente; Riviera dei Fiori; The Italian Riviera; Italian Rivera; Alba Docilia; Riviera di levante; Ligurian Riviera; Riviera Ligure; Riviera ligure; Italian riviera
die Italienische Riviera (der Italienische Strand der von der Grenze Frankreichs bis östlich Genoa reicht)


·Impf & ·p.p. of Italianize.


Italian Scots

Italian Scots are people of Italian descent living in Scotland. These terms may refer to people who are born in Scotland and of Italian descent. It can also refer to people of mixed Scottish and Italian ancestry. A recent Italian voter census estimated that there are 70,000 to 100,000 people in Scotland of Italian descent or Italian nationals, which is up to 1.9% of the overall Scottish population.

Latest available figures from the 2011 UK Census show there were 6,048 people born in Italy living in Scotland. This was up from 4,936 in 2001 and 3,947 recorded in 1991. In 2016, Ronnie Convery, secretary of the Italian Scotland charitable organisation and director of communications at the Archdiocese of Glasgow, asserted that a completely new dimension was being added to the Scots-Italians community. He said, “There has been a brand new migration over the past two years, and the biggest one we have seen in 100 years."

Migration to Scotland from Italy has been predominantly from the provinces of Lucca and Frosinone. Additional provinces with fairly significant emigration to Scotland include Isernia, La Spezia, Pistoia, Parma, Latina, Massa-Carrara and Pordenone. The Scottish Italian community settled mostly in the Glasgow area, most of whom are of Tuscan origin. The smaller Italian community in and around Edinburgh is predominantly of Lazian origin.