Ito En, Ltd - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Ito En, Ltd - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Ito en; Itoen; Ito-en; 伊藤園
  • Headquarters

mise en scene         
  • The distinctive ''mise-en-scène'' of ''[[The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari]]'' (Germany, 1920) features jagged architecture.
  • ''Mise en scène'' by [[Constant Puyo]]
MiseEnScene; Mise en Scene; Mise-en-scene; Mise en scene; Mise*En*Scene; Mise en Scène; Mis-en-scene; Mise-En-Scene; Mise en scéne; Practical locations; Misonscene; Mis en scene; Mise en scène
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.         
  • "Eneloop" Rechargeable LED Lantern (ENL-1EX) by Sanyo
  • Schematics of a HIT-cell
  • Sanyo logo on neon signs of [[Piccadilly Circus]]
  • Old logo, used from 1976 to 1987
  • A Sanyo M9998LU Boombox manufactured circa 1979-80 for the European market with user customized dial and tape lights.
  • Transistor radio, model 8S-P3, released in 1959
  • Sanyo's three-year restructuring project
SANYO; San'yo; Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Sanyo Electric; SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd; SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.; AZ3; Sanyō; Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.; Sanyoh; Sanyo Semiconductor; SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.; SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. - 三洋電機株式会社; 三洋; SANYO Electric Co. Ltd.; Sanyo Electric Company; Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd.; Sanyo Electric Company Ltd; Sanyo Icon; Sanyo Business Systems; Sanyo Business Systems Corporation; Sanyo Business Systems Corp.; Sanyo Business Systems Corp
n. Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., japanisches Unternehmen in 1947 in Osaka gegründet, Hersteller von Elektrogeräte (z.B. Fernsehen, Haushaltsgeräte u.ä.)
Ito En, Ltd.      
n. Ito En Ltd., japanisches Unternehmen Hersteller und Vermarkter von Kaffee Tee und Fruchtsäfte


mise en scene
[?mi:z ?mise en scene's?n]
¦ noun
1. the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play.
2. the setting of an event.
Fr., lit. 'putting on stage'.


Ito En

Ito En, Ltd. (株式会社伊藤園, Kabushiki Gaisha Itō En) (TYO: 2593) is a Japanese multinational drinks company specializing in tea production, distribution, and sales. Ito En is the largest green tea distributor in Japan. The Ito En Group includes subsidiaries based in Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Australia, and China. Its products include unsweetened, bottled green tea and loose leaf tea. Ito En is currently the fourth-largest soft drink producer in Japan, after Coca-Cola, Suntory, and Kirin Beverage. Ito En also produces private label drinks for Seven & I Holdings Co. in Japan. In 2006, it acquired Tully's Coffee's business in Japan as a subsidiary. The company also has a line of flavored teas called Tea's Tea.

Ito En’s origins lie in a company called Japan Family Service Co., Ltd. The corporate logo that was designed for this company’s founding employed a four-leaf clover motif, expressing the hope of ensuring the happiness of its employees and their families. Based on this motif, the logo expresses the warmth, richness and lively vibrancy of nature and good health.