Jabberwocky$41223$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Jabberwocky$41223$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Brad Foster; Jabberwocky Graphix; Jabberwocky Graphics

n. Quatschen, Geplapper
Syracuse University         
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  • First Annual Class of Syracuse University.
  • [[Belva Lockwood]] was the second woman, (after [[Victoria Woodhull]]), to run for President of the United States.
  • Bird Library at Syracuse University
  • Carnegie Library at Syracuse University
  • JMA Dome]]
  • The CitrusTV control room during a taping of CitrusTV News
  • Created in 1934 by [[Anna Hyatt Huntington]] and donated to the university, Diana graces the entrance to Carnegie Library.
  • Ernie Davis Hall, a residence and dining hall opened in 2009
  • The School of Information Studies]], view from north
  • Genesee Wesleyan Seminary
  • Hall of Languages]].
  • [[Hendricks Chapel]].
  • A graduate of the Genesee Seminary, [[Henry Jarvis Raymond]] later went on to found ''[[The New York Times]]''.
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  • Lubin House]] in Manhattan
  • [[S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications]]
  • [[Pi Chapter House of Psi Upsilon Fraternity]]
  • Roy D. Simmons Sr. Coaches Center at the [[John A. Lally Athletics Complex]] in South Campus
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  • Mosaic in honor of wrongfully executed [[Sacco and Vanzetti]], installed on the east wall of Huntington Beard Crouse Hall, by [[Ben Shahn]].<ref>Ali Shehzad Zaidi, "Powerful Compassion: The Strike At Syracuse," in ''[[Monthly Review]]'', September 1999</ref>
  • alt=Image of Link Hall, Life Sciences Complex, and Shaffer Art Building at Syracuse University
  • The School of Architecture]]
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  • The Nancy Cantor Warehouse
Von Ranke Library]]<ref name="tolley1" />
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  • The Old Row, campus of Syracuse University, 1920
  • From left to right: Bowne Hall,<ref name="bowne_hall" /> Carnegie Library,<ref name="carnegie_library" /> Archbold Gymnasium<ref name="Archbold_Gym" />
  • Kenneth A. Shaw]] quadrangle, commonly known as “the Quad.”
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  • JMA Dome]], campus view
  • Aerial view of Syracuse University's Main Campus, November 2011
  • SU's Flight 103 Memorial
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Syracuse Universität, große Universität in Syracuse (im Staat New York)


¦ adjective humorous delightful; joyous.
frabjously adverb
1871: coined by Lewis Carroll, appar. to suggest fair and joyous.


Brad W. Foster

Brad W. Foster (born April 26, 1955) is an American illustrator, cartoonist, writer and publisher. He has also been Artist Guest of Honor at multiple conventions such as ArmadilloCon 10, Conestoga 9, Archon 35, NASFiC 2010, and 73rd World Science Fiction Convention.