Jabiru$543691$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jabiru$543691$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jabiru plane; Jabiru (plane); Jabiru (aircraft); Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru; Jabiru 200; Jabiru aircraft; Jabiru 400
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  • [[Jabiru Calypso]] 2200 on skis at [[Montebello, Quebec]], January 2005
  • 2003 model [[Jabiru Calypso]] 3300 on amphibious floats at the [[Canadian Aviation Expo]], 2004
  • 2004 model [[Jabiru J450]]
  • 2200 4 Cylinder Engine
  • 3300 6 Cylinder Engine
  •  Jabiru Company Logo

n. Jabiru, Stadt in Australien


·noun One of several large wading birds of the genera Mycteria and Xenorhynchus, allied to the storks in form and habits.


Jabiru Aircraft

Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is an Australian aircraft manufacturer that produces a range of kit- and ready-built civil light aircraft in Bundaberg, Queensland. The company also designs and manufactures a range of light aircraft engines. Types past and present include microlights (Ultralight or ULM), including the Calypso, two-seat trainers and recreational aircraft (J120/J160/ J170/J230) and four-seat aircraft (J400/J430/J450).

The aircraft are built largely of composite materials and are conventional high-wing monoplanes with typically tricycle undercarriage. Taildragger versions were produced in the early days of Jabiru. The wings could be removed for ease of storage or transportation.

Use of modern composite techniques has resulted in a strong yet light structure. The aircraft are designed around the pilot and passengers, being spacious and comfortable for touring, yet with a small footprint and frontal profile. Controls include a centrally mounted control column, brake and trim lever.

There is also a Jabiru assembly facility in George, Western Cape, South Africa.