Jack Kerouac - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jack Kerouac - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Kerouac; Jack kerouac; Jack keroac; John Kerouac; Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac; Jack Keroac; Jack Keruoac; Spontaneous prose; Spontaneous Prose; Jack kerowauc; Jack kerowack; Jack Jean-Louis Kerouac; Jean-Louis Kerouac; Jean Louis Kerouac; Jean Louis Kirouac; Jean-Louis Kirouac; Kerouacian; Jack Duluoz; Kerouac, Jack; Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac; Jack Keourac
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  • [[Jack Kerouac Alley]] in [[Chinatown, San Francisco]]
  • 454 West 20th Street
  • Kerouac's Naval Reserve Enlistment photograph, 1943

Jack Kerouac         
Jack Kerouac, (1922-69) amerikanischer Romanautor und Mitglied der Beat Generation, Autor des Buches "Unterwegs"
Jack and Jill         
  • Musical setting by Charles Burney (1777)
  • From ''Mother Goose's Melody'' (1791 edition)
  • The plaque erected in 2000 at [[Kilmersdon]] to commemorate the village's association with the rhyme
Jack & Jill; Jack and jill; Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme); Jack&Jill; Jack and Jill (song); Jack & Jill(film); Jack & Jill (film); Jack And Jill; Jack and Jill (film); Jack and Gill
Hans und Gretel (einfacher Mann und einfache Frau)
Jack Nicklaus         
  • Nicklaus walks up to his ball on the 9th hole of the par-3 course at Augusta National Golf Club during the 2006 par-3 contest.
  • Congressional Gold Medal
Jack William Nicklaus; Nicklaus; Jack nickalus; The golden bear; Nicklaus Golf Equipment; The Golden Bear; Golden Bear golfer
n. Jack Nicklaus (1940 geboren), bekannter amerikanischer Golfspieler


·noun ·see Jack-with-a-lantern, under 2d Jack.


Jack Kerouac

Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac (; March 12, 1922 – October 21, 1969), known as Jack Kerouac, was an American novelist and poet who, alongside William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, was a pioneer of the Beat Generation.

Of French-Canadian ancestry, Kerouac was raised in a French-speaking home in Lowell, Massachusetts. He "learned English at age six and spoke with a marked accent into his late teens." During World War II, he served in the United States Merchant Marine; he completed his first novel at the time, which was published more than 40 years after his death. His first published book was The Town and the City (1950), and he achieved widespread fame and notoriety with his second, On the Road, in 1957. It made him a beat icon, and he went on to publish 12 more novels and numerous poetry volumes.

Kerouac is recognized for his style of spontaneous prose. Thematically, his work covers topics such as his Catholic spirituality, jazz, travel, promiscuity, life in New York City, Buddhism, drugs, and poverty. He became an underground celebrity and, with other Beats, a progenitor of the hippie movement, although he remained antagonistic toward some of its politically radical elements. He has a lasting legacy, greatly influencing many of the cultural icons of the 1960s, including Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Jerry Garcia and the Doors.

In 1969, at the age of 47, Kerouac died from an abdominal hemorrhage caused by a lifetime of heavy drinking. Since then, his literary prestige has grown, and several previously unseen works have been published.

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1. Painter Van Gogh and author Jack Kerouac were both hailed as geniuses but displayed self–destructive behaviour.
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4. In reporting the series, he became a friend of such early counterculture luminaries as poet Allen Ginsberg and novelist Jack Kerouac. He really fell into the whole lifestyle,‘‘ said Gerry Nicosia, author of the Jack Kerouac biography Memory Babe.‘‘ The pieces have been described as early examples of participatory journalism, a technique perfected by better–known writers such as Tom Wolfe and Hunter S.
5. Co–owner of the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco and the City Lights publishing house, Ferlinghetti sponsored and published many of the "Beat" poets, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.