Jack in the box - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Jack in the box - Übersetzung nach deutsch

JBX Grill; JBX; Jack-in-the-Box (restaurant); Jumbo Jack; Foodmaker, Inc.; Jack in the Box, Inc.; Monterey Jack's; Jack In The Box(restaurant); Jack in the crack; Hang In There Jack; Cows the size of schnauzers; Cows the size of schnausers; Jack in the Box (restaurant); Jack In the Box; Foodmaker; Jack In The Box Inc.; Jack In The Box Inc; JITB; Sourdough Jack
  • Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger
  • Arvada]], showing off the 1980s logo
  • Jack in the Box logo from March 2, 1980 to March 14, 2009.
  • Jack in the Box logo from March 15, 2009 to October 3, 2022.
  • Laredo]], [[Texas]]. Notice the 1980s logo.
  • Scottsdale]], [[Arizona]], shown here in 2009, with the new logo

Jack in the box         
Steh-auf Männchen
Jack and Jill         
  • Musical setting by Charles Burney (1777)
  • From ''Mother Goose's Melody'' (1791 edition)
  • The plaque erected in 2000 at [[Kilmersdon]] to commemorate the village's association with the rhyme
Jack & Jill; Jack and jill; Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme); Jack&Jill; Jack and Jill (song); Jack & Jill(film); Jack & Jill (film); Jack And Jill; Jack and Jill (film); Jack and Gill
Hans und Gretel (einfacher Mann und einfache Frau)
Jack Nicklaus         
  • Nicklaus walks up to his ball on the 9th hole of the par-3 course at Augusta National Golf Club during the 2006 par-3 contest.
  • Congressional Gold Medal
Jack William Nicklaus; Nicklaus; Jack nickalus; The golden bear; Nicklaus Golf Equipment; The Golden Bear; Golden Bear golfer
n. Jack Nicklaus (1940 geboren), bekannter amerikanischer Golfspieler


A jack-in-the-box is a child's toy that consists of a box with a doll inside it that jumps out when the lid is opened.


Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson (1916–1994) in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has over 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States. Restaurants are also found in selected large urban areas outside the West Coast, including Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Albuquerque, El Paso, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Nashville, Charlotte, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Redding, and Cincinnati as well as one in Guam. The company also formerly operated the Qdoba Mexican Grill chain until Apollo Global Management bought the chain in December 2017.

Food items include a variety of chicken tenders and French fries along with hamburger and cheeseburger sandwiches and selections of internationally themed foods such as tacos and egg rolls.

Aussprachebeispiele für Jack in the box
1. The Jack in the Box one started because in Sacramento,
George Lopez _ My Life and Career as a Comedian _ Talks at Google
2. Arby's, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box.
Chris Gethard Presents _ Chris Gethard & Friends _ Talks at Google
3. I said, is this Jack in the Box?
George Lopez _ My Life and Career as a Comedian _ Talks at Google
4. Where'd you get 'em? McDonald's, Wendy's, Jack-in-the-Box?
Pulp Fiction
5. You know, like, there's the Jack in the Box one.
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1. But second man jumped up like a Jack–in–the–Box from the front passenger seat with a gun.
2. Justice Jack in the box The Princess Diana inquest collapses in farce as the French government refuses to force the paparazzi to give evidence.
3. In 1''3, a major E. coli outbreak sickened about 700 people and killed four who ate undercooked Jack in the Box hamburgers in Washington state.
4. Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York might have haunted the set of the Bewitched remake, turning Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell into dachshunds or jack–in–the–box puppets.
5. About 150 school districts and two fast–food chains, Jack in the Box and In–N–Out, have announced they will no longer use ground beef from Westland.