Jacqueline Bisset - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jacqueline Bisset - Übersetzung nach Englisch

  • Bisset in 2007
  • Bisset in 1979
  • Bisset in 1968
  • Bisset at the [[2017 Cannes Film Festival]]
  • Bisset at the 1989 Academy Awards

Jacqueline Bisset         
n. Jacqueline Bisset (1944 als Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset geboren), britische Schauspielerin spielte in vielen Filmen unter anderem in "Mord im Orient-Express" und "Die Tiefe"
n. Bisset, Nachname; Jacqueline Bisset (1944 geboren), britische Schauspielerin in 1990 im Film "Weißer Oleander" gespielt
Anne Hathaway         
  • alt=A short-haired brunette, wearing a black dress, is smiling to her left
  • Hathaway at the 2018 [[Human Rights Campaign]] dinner in Washington, D.C.
  • Hathaway signing autographs for fans at the [[2008 Toronto International Film Festival]]
  • alt=A picture of Anne Hathaway looking into the camera.
  • alt=A photograph of Anne Hathaway smiling while crossing her arms.
  • Hathaway at the [[2016 Toronto International Film Festival]]
  • Hathaway at the [[Nobel Peace Prize Concert]] in 2010, which she hosted with actor [[Denzel Washington]]
  • alt=Entrance to the theater Paper Mill Playhouse with the poster to a play outside it
Annie Hathaway; Anne Hathaway (actor); Anne hathaway; Anne Jacqueline Hathaway; The Hathaway effect; The hathaway effect; Hathaway effect; Anne Hathaway (actress); Anne hathaway (actress); Adam Shulman; Public image of Anne Hathaway; Anne J. Hathaway; Anne Hathaway-Shulman; Anne Shulman
n. Anne Hathaway (1557-1623), Ehefrau des William Shakespeare


Jacqueline Bisset

Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset LdH ( BISS-it; born 13 September 1944) is a British actress. She began her film career in 1965 and first came to prominence in 1968 with roles in The Detective, Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination as Most Promising Newcomer. In the 1970s, she starred in Airport (1970), The Mephisto Waltz (1971), Day for Night (1973), which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Le Magnifique (1973), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), St. Ives (1976), The Deep (1977), The Greek Tycoon (1978) and Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination as Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

Bisset's other film and TV credits include Rich and Famous (1981), Class (1983), her Golden Globe-nominated role in Under the Volcano (1984), her CableACE Award-nominated role in Forbidden (1985), Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989), Wild Orchid (1990), her Cesar Award-nominated role in La Cérémonie (1995), Dangerous Beauty (1998), her Emmy-nominated role in the miniseries Joan of Arc (1999), Britannic (2000), The Sleepy Time Gal (2001), Domino (2005), a guest arc in the fourth season of Nip/Tuck (2006), Death in Love (2008), and the BBC miniseries Dancing on the Edge (2013), for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress - Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Bisset has since appeared in Welcome to New York (2014), Miss You Already (2015), The Last Film Festival (2016), Backstabbing for Beginners (2018) and Birds of Paradise (2021). She received France's highest honour, the Legion of Honour, in 2010. She speaks English, French, and Italian.

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Toni Collette, Catherine Hardwicke, Jacqueline Bisset + More _ Miss You Already _ Talks at Google
Toni Collette, Catherine Hardwicke, Jacqueline Bisset + More _ Miss You Already _ Talks at Google
Toni Collette, Catherine Hardwicke, Jacqueline Bisset + More _ Miss You Already _ Talks at Google
4. JACQUELINE BISSET: She was brave.
Toni Collette, Catherine Hardwicke, Jacqueline Bisset + More _ Miss You Already _ Talks at Google
5. JACQUELINE BISSET: I thought, well
Toni Collette, Catherine Hardwicke, Jacqueline Bisset + More _ Miss You Already _ Talks at Google
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1. Joseph Fiennes plays the lead in Vivaldi, which starts filming next April, alongside Gerard Depardieu, Jacqueline Bisset and Malcolm McDowell.
2. The real–life Domino, who died in June at 35 of an apparent overdose, was the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey and supermodel socialite Pauline Stone, played by Jacqueline Bisset.
3. Tony Scott, the action film director who made the decision to turn Ms Harveys career into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Keira Knightley as Domino, with other parts taken by Christopher Walken, Mickey Rourke and Jacqueline Bisset had already been forced to re–shoot the ending to incorporate the drugs charges against her.
4. REAL NAMES Alan Alda – Alphonse D‘Abruzzo; Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Anastassakis; Antonio Banderas – Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera; Jacqueline Bisset Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser–Bisset; Dirk Bogarde – Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde; Yul Brynner – Taidje Khan; Daniel DeVito – Daniel Michaeli; Goldie Hawn – Goldie Jean Studlendgehawn; Ben Kingsley – Krishna Bhanji; Meg Ryan – Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra; Susan Sarandon – Susan Abigail Tomalin; Jane Seymour – Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg; Charlie Sheen – Carlos Irwin Estevez; Kevin Spacey – Kevin Fowler; Bruce Willis – Walter Bruce Willison.