Jacuzzi$528053$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Jacuzzi$528053$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Candido Jacuzzi; Jaccuzzi; Jagucci; Sundance Spas; Jacuzzis; Jacuzi; Jacuzzi Brands; Giocondo Jacuzzi; Foot jacuzzi; Jaccuzi; Jacuzzi Brothers; Jacuzzi brothers
  • Jacuzzi Bros. storefront, circa 1960

n. Markenname einer Whirlpoolwanne
Gulf of Mexico         
  • [[Cantarell Field]]
  • shaded relief]] map of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean area.<ref name="GLOBE" /><ref name="ETOPO1" />
  • Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico]]
  • ''[[Deepwater Horizon]]'' in flames after the explosion
  • Rita]]. Although Katrina cooled waters in its path by up to 4&nbsp;°C, they had rebounded by the time of Rita's appearance.
  • Ship and oil rigs in the Gulf
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  • Richard Mount and Thomas Page's 1700 map of the Gulf of Mexico, '' A Chart of the Bay of Mexico''
  • Map of northern part of Gulf of Mexico
  • [[Sediment]] in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Galveston harbor by [[Verner Moore White]]
  • Gulf beach near Sabine Pass
Mexican Gulf; Gulf Of Mexico; Gulf of México; Mexico Gulf; Golfo de Mexico; Golfo de México; Mexico, Gulf of; Gulf of mexico; Mexican gulf; The Gulf of Mexico; The Gulf of mexico; Gulf of Florida; Gulph of Mexico; Pollution of the Gulf of Mexico; Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico; Jacuzzi of Despair; The Southern Sea; History of the Gulf of Mexico; Geology of the Gulf of Mexico; Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana; Gulf of Mexico drainage basin
Golf von Mexico (Teil vom Atlantik, zwischen den USA und Mexiko)


A Jacuzzi is a large circular bath which is fitted with a device that makes the water move around. (TRADEMARK)



Jacuzzi is a private company that manufactures and markets hot tubs, pools, and other bath products. It is best known for the Jacuzzi hydrotherapy products. Headquartered in Irvine, California, US, it is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe and has eight factories, the largest in Italy.

The company was founded in 1915 by seven brothers from the Jacuzzi family. It developed a variety of products including pumps for agricultural use. In 1948, Jacuzzi created water pumps to treat a family member's rheumatoid arthritis. The water pumps were a niche medical product until they were integrated into a recreational hot tub in 1968. As the popularity of hot tubs grew, Jacuzzi created more models that were more advanced. Jacuzzi was family-run until 1979, after which it then changed hands several times, before being bought by its current owner Investindustrial in 2019.

The Associated Press Stylebook lists Jacuzzi is a trademark brand for products like hot tubs, whirlpool spas, and whirlpool baths and it may not be legal to use the name in a commercial context without permission.