James Curtis Hepburn - Übersetzung nach Englisch

James Curtis Hepburn - Übersetzung nach Englisch

J. C. Hepburn; Hepburnian
  • Hepburn Hall at [[Yokohama City University]], Yokohama, Japan
  • Hepburn and his family in Japan on April 29, 1880

James Curtis Hepburn         
n. James Curtis Hepburn (1815-1911), amerikanischer Missionär aus Philadelphia (USA) der in Japan in 1859 ankam und den ersten modernen Japanisch-Englisch Wörterbuch verfasste
Hepburn system         
Hepburn Romaji; Hepburn Chart; Hebon-shiki; Hebon-siki; Hyojun-shiki; Hyôjun-shiki; Hebon shiki; Hepburn-shiki; Hebon-Shiki; Hepburn system; Hepburn romanisation; Hepburn romanization system; Hepburn-shiki Romanization; Hepburn Romanization; Hepburn-shiki romanization; Revised Hepburn Romanization; Hepburn romaji; ヘボン式ローマ字; Hebon-shiki Rōmaji; Hebon; Hepburn Romanized Japanese System; Hepburn romanized Japanese system; Modified Hepburn system; Modified Hepburn; Syûsei Hebon Siki; Syusei Hebon Siki; Syusei—Hebon Siki; Syūsei Hebon Siki; Shūsei Hebon Shiki; Shusei Hebon Shiki; Shûsei Hebon Shiki; Shūsei Hebon-shiki; Shusei Hebon-shiki; Shuusei Hebon-shiki; Revised Hepburn; Revised Hepburn romanization
n. Hepburn System, Romanisierung der japanischen Sprache von James Curtis Hepburn erfunden
Katherine Hepburn         
  • A Bill of Divorcement]]'' (1932). Critics praised her performance, and she became an instant star.
  • pp=48–50}}
  • Her mother]] is seated at center with daughter Margaret, 1921
  • Summertime]]'' (1955). Jane Hudson is one of the roles Hepburn played in the 1950s.
  • In ''[[Guess Who's Coming to Dinner]]'' (1967), which won Hepburn her second of four Academy Awards
  • Mary of Scotland]]'' (1936), one of a series of unsuccessful films Hepburn made in this period
  • Rooster Cogburn]]'' (1975), where Hepburn costarred with [[John Wayne]]
  • Cedar Hill Cemetery]]
  • East 49th Street in New York City, named after Katharine Hepburn
  • Love Affair]]'' (1994). Critics commented that the 87-year-old had lost none of her powerful screen presence.
  • the play]] by [[Tennessee Williams]]
  • Hepburn in the 1932 role that brought her to the attention of Hollywood, ''The Warrior's Husband''
  • Hepburn's yearbook photo, 1928, [[Bryn Mawr College]]
  • Little Women]]'' (1933), which was one of the most popular movies of its day
  • Hepburn, with her unconventional lifestyle and the independent female roles she played on screen (such as Tess Harding in ''[[Woman of the Year]]'', pictured), represented the emancipated woman.
  • The African Queen]]'' with co-star [[Humphrey Bogart]].
  • p=149}} Seen here in ''[[Adam's Rib]]'' (1949).
  • Spencer Tracy and Hepburn in a publicity photo for ''[[Desk Set]]''
Katherine Hepburn; Ludlow Ogden Smith; Ogden Smith Ludlow; Katharine Houghton Hepburn; Hepburn, Katharine; Kathryn Hepburn; Kate Hepburn; Tom Hepburn; Catherine Hepburn
n. Katherine Hepburn (1907-2003), berühmte amerikanische Schauspielerin


Fifty dollars.
When are you going to pay me back that fiddy?


James Curtis Hepburn

James Curtis Hepburn (; March 13, 1815 – September 21, 1911) was an American physician, translator, educator, and lay Christian missionary. He is known for the Hepburn romanization system for transliteration of the Japanese language into the Latin alphabet, which he popularized in his Japanese–English dictionary.