Jammu and Kashmir - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jammu and Kashmir - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jammu and Kashmir         
n. Jammu und Kaschmir, Norden von Indien und Pakistan, offizieller Name Kaschmirs
click and mortar         
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Wallis and Futuna Islands         
  • [[Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Mata Utu]]
  • Coastal view of Wallis island by Captain [[James Cook]] in 1773
  • [[Alofi Island]]
  • Talietumu fort]]
  • Futuna Island]]
  • Map of the territory of Wallis and Futuna
  • Location map of Wallis and Futuna in relation to France.
  • Drawing of Wallis Island by Captain [[Samuel Wallis]] in 1767
  • Aerial view of [[Wallis Island]] (Uvea)
History of Wallis and Futuna; Geography of Wallis and Futuna; Wallis and Futuna/Communications; Wallis and Futuna/Transportation; Military of Wallis and Futuna; Wallis and Futuna/Military; Wallis and Futuna/Economy; Wallis and Futuna/Government; Wallis and Futuna/People; Wallis and Futuna/Geography; Wallis and Futuna/History; Communications in Wallis and Futuna; Transportation in Wallis and Futuna; ISO 3166-1:WF; Wallis and Futuna Islands; Wallis and futana; Wallis and Futana; Wallis & Futuna; Wallis Archipelago; Îles Wallis; Wallis Islands; Wallis et Futuna Territoire, Wallis and Futuna; Wallis et Futuna Territoire; Wallis and futuna; Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands; Wallis And Futuna Islands; Wallis-et-Futuna; Transport in Wallis and Futuna; Iles Wallis; Wallis-Futuna; Wallis et Futuna; Climate of Wallis and Futuna; Army of Wallis and Futuna; Uvea mo Futuna; Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands; Languages of Wallis and Futuna; Administrative divisions of Wallis and Futuna; Wallis & Futuna Islands; Wallis and futuna dance; Wallis and Fortuna; Wallace and Futuna; Overseas Collectivity of Wallis and Futuna; Wallis & Futuna Is.; List of hospitals in Wallis and Futuna; List of newspapers in Wallis and Futuna; Religion in Wallis and Futuna; List of islands of Wallis and Futuna
Wallis und Futuna Islands, französiches Territorium im südwestlichen Pazifik das aus den zwei Inselngruppen von Wallis und Fortuna besteht


conj. this little word is important in law, particularly when compared to or. Most commonly it determines if one or both owners have to sign documents. Example: when an automobile registration reads that the title is for Barney and Sarah Oldfield, then both must sign off upon sale, but if it says "or" then only one will have to sign; if Barney dies then the title is automatically in Sarah's name if it reads "or," but not if it reads "and."


Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir may refer to:
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1. from Jammu and Kashmir.
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1. All–Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference fielded Raja Zulqarnain and PPP has nominated Sardar Qamaruz Zaman for the top slot of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
2. On Jammu and Kashmir, the spokesperson said the two sides discussed the overall issue and specific CBMs related to Jammu and Kashmir.
3. "Guns in Jammu and Kashmir are going out of fashion.
4. Development of Jammu and Kashmir will be my top priority.
5. The author is Director, Institute of Jammu and Kashmir affairs