Jan Amos Komensky - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jan Amos Komensky - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jan Amos Komensky; Johann Comenius; John Comenius; Jan Amos Comenius; Johann Amos Comenius; Jan Amos Komenský; Jan Ámos Komenský; Jan Amos Komenski; Komenský; J.A.K.; J.A. Komenský; Jan Amos Komeński; Commenius; Johannes Comenius; Comenius; J.A. Komensky; Teacher of nations; The teacher of nations; Ján Amos Komenský; Iohannes Amos Comenius; Komeński; Studia Humanista; Comenian; Jan Comenius; Comenius, Jan Amos; Comenius Ámos János; Johannes Amos Comenius; Ioannes Amos Comenius
  • [[Czech koruna]] banknote depicting Comenius
  • Latin class from ''[[Orbis Pictus]]''
  • His grave in Naarden (the Netherlands)
  • English edition of ''[[Janua linguarum reserata]]'', 1631
  • Portrait of Comenius by the Slovak painter Karol Miloslav Lehotský
  • ''[[Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart]]'' by Comenius.
  • [[Alphonse Mucha]]'s ''[[The Slav Epic]]'' cycle No.16: The Last days of Jan Amos Komenský in [[Naarden]]: A Flicker of Hope (1918)
  • Oldest surviving manuscript by Comenius dated 1611; written in Latin and Czech
  • A collection of didactics, 1657
  • ''[[Orbis Pictus]]'' textbook for children, 1658
  • ''Portrait of an Old Man'' by [[Rembrandt]], possibly a depiction of Comenius
  • Relief of Comenius in Dolany, Czech Republic
  • ''Via Lucis'', 1668

John Amos Comenius         
n. John Amos Comenius, Comenius, Jan Amos Komensky (1592-1670), mährischer Religionsanführer und Lehrer
Jan Amos Komensky         
n. Jan Amos Komensky, Comenius, John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), mährischer Religionsanführer und Lehrer
Jan Gossaert         
  • ''[[Jean Carondelet]]''
  • The Holy Family, about 1507–1508
  • The Adoration of the Kings]]'', formerly at [[Castle Howard]], now at the [[National Gallery]]
  • Portrait of Hendrik III, Count of Nassau-Breda
  • Jan Gossaert-self portrait (1515–1520). Collection of the [[Currier Museum of Art]], Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Three children of [[Christian II]] of Denmark 1526
Jan de Mabuse; Jan Mabusa; Jan De Mabuse; Gossaert; Jan Mabuse; Jan Gossart
n. Jan Gossaert, Jan de Mabuse (ca. 1475-1533), flämischer Maler


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John Amos Comenius

John Amos Comenius (; Czech: Jan Amos Komenský; Polish: Jan Amos Komeński; German: Johann Amos Comenius; Latinized: Ioannes Amos Comenius; 28 March 1592 – 15 November 1670) was a Moravian philosopher, pedagogue and theologian who is considered the father of modern education. He served as the last bishop of the Unity of the Brethren before becoming a religious refugee and one of the earliest champions of universal education, a concept eventually set forth in his book Didactica Magna. As an educator and theologian, he led schools and advised governments across Protestant Europe through the middle of the seventeenth century.

Comenius introduced a number of educational concepts and innovations including pictorial textbooks written in native languages instead of Latin, teaching based in gradual development from simple to more comprehensive concepts, lifelong learning with a focus on logical thinking over dull memorization, equal opportunity for impoverished children, education for women, and universal and practical instruction. Besides his native Moravia, he lived and worked in other regions of the Holy Roman Empire, and other countries: Sweden, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Transylvania, England, the Netherlands and Hungary.