January$531549$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

January$531549$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

29 January; 29th January; January 29th; Jan 29; 1/29; 29/1; 29th of January

n. January, Nachname; weiblicher Vorname
Merry Christmas         
  • An [[Advent wreath]] and [[Christmas pyramid]] adorn a dining table.
  • Holiday shopping in Helsinki, Finland
  • A [[Christmas cake]] with a "Merry Christmas" greeting
  • Central Park Mall]], [[Jakarta]], [[Indonesia]]
  • King of Prussia]] mall in [[King of Prussia, Pennsylvania]] decorated during the Christmas season
  • Dark brown – countries that do not recognize Christmas on December 25 or January 7 as a public holiday.<br />Light brown – countries that do not recognize Christmas as a public holiday, but the holiday is given observance.
  • Public, secular celebration in seasonal costume
  • Midwinter sunset at Stonehenge
Holiday season; Holiday shopping season; HAPPY NEW YEAR; Merry Christmas; Happy Holiday(s); Season's Greetings; Seasons Greetings; January sales; January Sales; Happy Holidays; Happy Christmas; Christmas Shopping Season; Christmas shopping season; Holiday greetings; Happy Holiday; Christmas greetings; Holidaytime greetings; Happy holidays; Happy holiday; Happy holiday(s); Merry christmas; Season's greetings; Seasons greetings; Merry Xmas; Winter close-out sale; Christmastime greetings; MERRY CHRISTMAS; Winter holiday greetings; Winter holiday season; Christmas season; Holiday Greetings; Christmas/winter holiday season; Christmas holiday season; Happy new year; Christmas/holiday season; Holiday season.; Happy New Years; Winter-holiday season; Christmas period; End-of-year holiday season; Christmas Season; Holiday greeting; Happy New Year; Festive season; Happy New Year!; Christmas and holiday greetings; Christmas Greetings; Twixmas; Christmas (season); Thanksgiving-Christmas; Thanksgiving-Christmas season; Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season; Thanksgiving/Christmas; Thanksgiving/Christmas season; Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season; Christmas and New Year's; Christmas & New Year's; Christmas-New Year's; Christmas and New Year; Christmas & New Year; Christmas-New Year; Christmas-New Year season; Christmas-New Year holiday season; Christmas/New Year's; Christmas/New Year; Christmas/New Year season; Christmas/New Year holiday season; Happy christmas; Merry xmas
Frohes Weihnachten, frohe Feiertage, frohes Fest
Rio De Janeiro         
  • Brazilian Academy of Letters]]
  • Downtown Rio]], in the financial district of the city
  • date=23 May 2008 }}, from the [[Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics]].</ref>
  • [[Bike Rio]] rental station in Mauá Square, Downtown Rio
  • Sugarloaf]] cable car between the 1940s and 1950s
  • [[Sugarloaf Cable Car]] approaching the summit
  • 50x50px
  • City of Arts]]
  • Largo da Carioca, in Downtown Rio
  • National Museum of Fine Arts]]
  • 25px
  • Museum of Modern Art]]
  • [[Museum of Tomorrow]]
  • Convent of Santo Antônio]]'' (Convent of St. Anthony), {{circa}} 1816
  • Founding of Rio de Janeiro on 1 March 1565
  • Superior institute of Education of Rio de Janeiro (ISERJ)
  • [[Barra da Tijuca]] with [[Pedra da Gávea]] in background
  • Public transport map of Rio de Janeiro
  • [[TransOeste]] Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • archive-date=18 June 2015}}</ref>
  • Rio de Janeiro, {{circa}} 1910s
  • Rio de Janerio (state)]] population pyramid in 2021
  • Guanabara]].
  • Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro]]
  • }
Rio De Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rio de Janiero; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Río de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro (city); Rio De Janiero; UN/LOCODE:BRRIO; Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro; Rio de janerio; São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janero; River of January; January River; Rio de janero; Rio de Janerio; City of Rio de Janeiro; R. Janeiro; R Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, RJ; Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro; Rio di Janeiro; Río de Jeneiro; Rio de Janeiro city; Rio Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); The Marvelous City; Rio de janeiro; Río de Janeiro, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro City; Rio-de-Janeiro; Rio, Brazil; BRRIO; Rio de Janiero, Brazil; Rio de Jainero; Faz Quem Quer; Social issues in Rio de Janeiro; Environmental issues in Rio de Janeiro; Ports in Rio de Janeiro
n. Rio De Janeiro, Stadt in Brasilien (frühere Hauptstadt von Brasilien); einer der Staaten von Brasilien


New Year's Day
·- the first day of a calendar year; the first day of January. Often colloquially abbreviated to New year's or new year.


January 29

January 29 is the 29th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 336 days remain until the end of the year (337 in leap years).