Japan Tobacco Inc - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Japan Tobacco Inc - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Fortune tobacco; Fortune Tobacco Corpration; Fortune Tobacco; PMFTC, Inc.

Japan Tobacco Inc.         
  • 250px
  • Final logo of the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation until its privatization
JTI Inc; 日本たばこ産業; Senbai Kōsha; Senbai Kosha; 専売公社; 日本専売公社; Tobacco industry in Japan; JT Group; Japan Tobacco inc.; JT group; Shinsei (cigarette)
n. Japan Tobacco Inc., JT, japanischer Hersteller von Tabbak Pharmazeutika und Nahrungsmittel
Lawson, Inc.         
  • Lawson store in Chongqing, China
  • 205x205px
  • Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa]], [[Honolulu]], Hawaii
  • Inside a Lawson in [[Ontakesan]], Tokyo
  • Fukuoka]], Japan
  • A Lawson store in [[Kōtō]], Tokyo
LAWSON(Japan); Lawson's; Lawson's Chip Dip; Dairy Mart; Lawson, Inc.
n. Lawson Inc., japanisches Unternehmen und Besitzer des Franchiseunternehmen "Lawson" Tante-Emma Laden
Japan Victor Company         
  • JVC HR-3300U VIDSTAR (1977)
  • JVC HD100 [[ProHD]] video camera (2006)
  • JVC HR-S5960E,<br />[[S-VHS]]-Videorecorder
  • GR-C1]]
  • JVC's VHS tape won over Betamax to become common home recording format.
  • Victor used in Japan (1977-2022present)
  • '''Nivico''' 7TA-4 [[Transistor Radio]]
Victor Company of Japan; Victor Company of Japan, Limited; JVC America Inc.; JVC Americas Corp; Nivico; 日本ビクター株式会社; Nippon Bikutā Kabushiki-gaisha; Japan Victor Company; Victor Company; Joovc; Victor Company of Japan Ltd; JVC GZ-HD7; Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.; Victor Company of Japan, Ltd; GZ-MG555; Japanese RCA
n. Japan Victor Company, JVC, großes internationales Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Yokohama (Japan), Hersteller Audio- Video- und Elektroausrüstung


plug tobacco
tobacco in large cakes designed to be cut for chewing.



PMFTC, Inc. is the Philippine affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI). Owned 50-50 by PMI and local conglomerate LT Group, PMFTC is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the Philippines, controlling over 90% of the local market, commercialising the brands Hope Luxury, Marlboro, and More, among others.

The company is a joint-venture between the Philippine unit of PMI and local firm Fortune Tobacco Corporation (FTC), which joined forces in 2010 to form a new company that, after the agreement, would control the 90% of the market.

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1. Non–technology companies to report later in the day include Nippon Steel Corp., Japan Tobacco Inc., Oji Paper Co.
2. There was a recently victory for justice in the Russian courts –– Japan Tobacco Inc. is challenging a retrospective $100 million tax bill in the courts.
3. Full–year results and outlooks for the year through to March 2007 are due from Mitsubishi Corp., Nippon Steel Corp., NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan Tobacco Inc., Nomura Holdings Inc., Toshiba Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
4. tdn.com.tr inc.all words Home Page Domestic Foreign Finance Diplomacy Opinions Features Sports Weather Press Scanner Archive Old Archive All About Turkey Top Read Stories About TDN MEMBER CENTER Your Account ––> Japan Tobacco hopes price hikes will boost profit Thursday, June 2', 2006 print this page mail to a friend BUSINESS REPORT All News» » Incekara Holding celebrates 55 years » CB expects fall in inflation trend » Ađar: Early election would bring relief » Central bank moves to boost confidence, hikes rates » SPK head criticizes central bank over rate decision » Babacan: Common sense rules economic institutions » Italians market machine tools in Istanbul » Fall in lira to boost exports » MasterCard changing name of operating subsidiary » Japan Tobacco hopes price hikes will boost profit TOKYO – Reuters Japan Tobacco Inc., the world‘s third–biggest tobacco company, said on Wednesday it hoped that planned price hikes would boost its 2006/07 profits above its April forecast.