Japanese citizen - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Japanese citizen - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Japanese nationality; Japanese citizenship; Japanese naturalization; User:Substar7/Japanese Naturalization; Nationality law of Japan; Japanese Naturalization; Japanese citizens; Japan nationality law; Japan citizenship; Citizenship in Japan; Citizenship of Japan; Japanese citizen; Dual-citizenship in Japan; Dual citizenship in Japan; Dual citizenship in japan; Dual-citizenship in japan; History of Japanese nationality law
  • Visa requirements for Japanese citizens

Japanese citizen         
n. japanischer Staatsbürger
Japanese restaurant         
  • [[Yakiniku]]
  • [[Okonomiyaki]] and [[takoyaki]] served in a festival of [[2018 Asian Games]] in [[Jakarta]]
  • access-date=February 1, 2016}}</ref>
  • [[Whale meat]] sashimi, one of the most controversial Japanese dishes
  • kaminabe}} (paper pot)
  • [[California roll]], a fusion makizushi created outside of Japan
  •  url = http://www.ichibansushi.co.id/detail-menu/50/chicken-teriyaki-bento-set}}</ref> including salmon [[sashimi]], [[gyoza]], salad and miso soup, served in a Japanese restaurant in [[Jakarta]]
  • Kaiseki appetizers on a wooden plate
  • The use of [[soy sauce]] is prevalent in Japanese cuisine.
  • Sutton]], Greater London
  • ''[[Yakitori]]'' grilled chicken
  • [[Nattō]], Japanese soybean-based vegetarian food
  • Japanese pancake, [[Okonomiyaki]]
  • [[Soba]] noodles
  • Japanese boiled spinach salad (''ohitashi'')
  • ''[[Gyūdon]]'' beef rice bowl (right) and ''niku shoyu ramen'' beef noodle (left)
  • A Japanese meal including tempura, sashimi, and miso soup
  • ''[[Tempura]]'' battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables
  • ''[[Tonkatsu]]'' pork cutlet
  • [[Udon]] noodles
Japanese food; Japanese Cuisine; Cuisine of Japan; Japanese restaurant; Japan food culture; Cuisine - Japan; Japanese cooking; Japanese cuisin; Japanese cookery; Washoku; Japan food; Japanese cusine; Nihon ryoori; Miso Salmon; Japanese dish; 味噌サーモン; Teishoku; Food in japan; Wasyoku; Japanese cuisine in the United States; 日本料理; Alcoholic drinks in Japan; Alcohol in Japan; Japanese cuisine in Indonesia; Japanese vegetarian cuisine; Japanese salad; Japanese salads
japanisches Restaurant
Imperial Japanese Navy         
  • [[Marshal-Admiral]] Viscount [[Inoue Yoshika]], 1900
  • island]], 19 October 1945
  • The [[Battle of Dan-no-ura]] in 1185
  • Zhenyuan]]'' captured by IJN in 1895.
  • No. 6 Odaiba battery]], one of the original Edo-era battery islands. These batteries are defensive structures built to withstand naval intrusions.
  • Hayabusa]]''
  • Katori]]''
  • crest]] of the [[Tokugawa clan]]
  • 2}}, the world's first purpose built [[aircraft carrier]], completed in 1922
  • Ibuki]]'' under dismantling operation at [[Sasebo Naval Arsenal]]. October 1946
  • Mikasa]]'', among the most powerful battleships of her time, in 1905, was one of the six battleships ordered as part of the program.
  • all-big-gun]]" battleship
  • Haruna]]'', Tokyo Bay, 1930s
  • Musashi]]'' moored in [[Truk Lagoon]], in 1943
  • Hashidate]]'', built domestically at the arsenal of [[Yokosuka]]
  • Matsushima]]'', the flagship of the IJN at the [[Battle of the Yalu River (1894)]]
  • Fusō]]'', between 1878 and 1891
  • IJN [[Ha-101 class submarine]]s ''Ha-105'', ''Ha-106'' and ''Ha-109'' designed as transport submarines to resupply isolated island garrisons, 1945.
  • Mutsu]]''
  • 1925}}
  • 2}} of the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Taiwan expedition]].
  • Pallada]]''
  • 100px
  • Sparrowhawk]] fighter to Admiral [[Tōgō Heihachirō]], 1921
  • Settsu]]''
  • Kure]] on 31 January 1925.
  • Akagi]]'' flight deck.
  • Great Kantō earthquake]] of 1923
Japanese Imperial Navy; Imperial Japanese navy; Kaigun; Kai gun; Nippon Kaigun; Nihon Kaigun; China fleet; Imperial Japanese Navy.; Japanese fleet; History of the Imperial Japanese Navy; Empire of Japan Navy; Dà Rìběn Dìguó Hǎi; 大日本帝國海軍; Japanese Navy in World War II; Imperial Navy of Japan
japanische Marine vor 1945


¦ noun a system of romanized spelling used to transliterate Japanese.
early 20th cent.: Japanese, from roma 'Roman' + ji 'letter(s)'.


Japanese nationality law

Japanese Nationality Law details the conditions by which a person holds nationality of Japan. The primary law governing nationality regulations is the 1950 Nationality Act.

Children born to at least one Japanese parent are generally automatically nationals at birth. Birth in Japan does not by itself entitle a child to Japanese nationality, except when a child would otherwise be stateless. Foreign nationals may acquire citizenship by naturalization after living in the country for at least five years and renouncing any previous nationalities.

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1. And as mentioned, I became a Japanese citizen last year.
Accessible Japan _ Josh Grisdale _ Talks at Google
2. my command on the ship actually, was a Japanese citizen, who did a lot of the, the research
Sea Shepherd Society _ Andrea Gordon & Tod Emko _ Talks at Google
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1. One Japanese citizen, one Canadian, one Briton and three Pakistanis also were wounded.
2. And the result of all these steps was that every Japanese citizen gained freedom of religion.
3. An Irishman and a Japanese citizen are also charged in absentia in the case.
4. Pyongyang, August 25 (KCNA) –– Japanese citizen Masahiro Sekiguchi illegally entered the DPRK on June 7.
5. "Mr Koizumi ... paid his respects at Yasukuni as one Japanese citizen," Defence Minister Yoshinori Ohno told reporters.