Japanese$41346$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Japanese$41346$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Japanese-Filipinos; Japanese-Filipino; Filipino-Japanese; Japanese Filipinos; Japanese Filipina; Japanese-Filipina; Japanese Filipino; Filipina Japanese; Filipina-Japanese; Japanese Filipinas; Japanese-Filipinas; Filipino Japanese (disambiguation)

n. Japanisch (Sprache); Japaner; japanischer Einwohner
Japanese restaurant         
  • [[Yakiniku]]
  • [[Okonomiyaki]] and [[takoyaki]] served in a festival of [[2018 Asian Games]] in [[Jakarta]]
  • access-date=February 1, 2016}}</ref>
  • [[Whale meat]] sashimi, one of the most controversial Japanese dishes
  • kaminabe}} (paper pot)
  • [[California roll]], a fusion makizushi created outside of Japan
  •  url = http://www.ichibansushi.co.id/detail-menu/50/chicken-teriyaki-bento-set}}</ref> including salmon [[sashimi]], [[gyoza]], salad and miso soup, served in a Japanese restaurant in [[Jakarta]]
  • Kaiseki appetizers on a wooden plate
  • The use of [[soy sauce]] is prevalent in Japanese cuisine.
  • Sutton]], Greater London
  • ''[[Yakitori]]'' grilled chicken
  • [[Nattō]], Japanese soybean-based vegetarian food
  • Japanese pancake, [[Okonomiyaki]]
  • [[Soba]] noodles
  • Japanese boiled spinach salad (''ohitashi'')
  • ''[[Gyūdon]]'' beef rice bowl (right) and ''niku shoyu ramen'' beef noodle (left)
  • A Japanese meal including tempura, sashimi, and miso soup
  • ''[[Tempura]]'' battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables
  • ''[[Tonkatsu]]'' pork cutlet
  • [[Udon]] noodles
Japanese food; Japanese Cuisine; Cuisine of Japan; Japanese restaurant; Japan food culture; Cuisine - Japan; Japanese cooking; Japanese cuisin; Japanese cookery; Washoku; Japan food; Japanese cusine; Nihon ryoori; Miso Salmon; Japanese dish; 味噌サーモン; Teishoku; Food in japan; Wasyoku; Japanese cuisine in the United States; 日本料理; Alcoholic drinks in Japan; Alcohol in Japan; Japanese cuisine in Indonesia; Japanese vegetarian cuisine; Japanese salad; Japanese salads
japanisches Restaurant
Imperial Japanese Navy         
  • [[Marshal-Admiral]] Viscount [[Inoue Yoshika]], 1900
  • island]], 19 October 1945
  • The [[Battle of Dan-no-ura]] in 1185
  • Zhenyuan]]'' captured by IJN in 1895.
  • No. 6 Odaiba battery]], one of the original Edo-era battery islands. These batteries are defensive structures built to withstand naval intrusions.
  • Hayabusa]]''
  • Katori]]''
  • crest]] of the [[Tokugawa clan]]
  • 2}}, the world's first purpose built [[aircraft carrier]], completed in 1922
  • Ibuki]]'' under dismantling operation at [[Sasebo Naval Arsenal]]. October 1946
  • Mikasa]]'', among the most powerful battleships of her time, in 1905, was one of the six battleships ordered as part of the program.
  • all-big-gun]]" battleship
  • Haruna]]'', Tokyo Bay, 1930s
  • Musashi]]'' moored in [[Truk Lagoon]], in 1943
  • Hashidate]]'', built domestically at the arsenal of [[Yokosuka]]
  • Matsushima]]'', the flagship of the IJN at the [[Battle of the Yalu River (1894)]]
  • Fusō]]'', between 1878 and 1891
  • IJN [[Ha-101 class submarine]]s ''Ha-105'', ''Ha-106'' and ''Ha-109'' designed as transport submarines to resupply isolated island garrisons, 1945.
  • Mutsu]]''
  • 1925}}
  • 2}} of the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Taiwan expedition]].
  • Pallada]]''
  • 100px
  • Sparrowhawk]] fighter to Admiral [[Tōgō Heihachirō]], 1921
  • Settsu]]''
  • Kure]] on 31 January 1925.
  • Akagi]]'' flight deck.
  • Great Kantō earthquake]] of 1923
Japanese Imperial Navy; Imperial Japanese navy; Kaigun; Kai gun; Nippon Kaigun; Nihon Kaigun; China fleet; Imperial Japanese Navy.; Japanese fleet; History of the Imperial Japanese Navy; Empire of Japan Navy; Dà Rìběn Dìguó Hǎi; 大日本帝國海軍; Japanese Navy in World War II; Imperial Navy of Japan
japanische Marine vor 1945


¦ noun a system of romanized spelling used to transliterate Japanese.
early 20th cent.: Japanese, from roma 'Roman' + ji 'letter(s)'.


Filipino Japanese

Filipino Japanese or Japanese Filipino may refer to:hhik

  • Japan–Philippines relations
  • Filipinos in Japan
  • Japanese settlement in the Philippines
  • Japanese occupation of the Philippines