Javabeans$506042$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Javabeans$506042$ - Übersetzung nach Englisch

JavaBeans Activation Framework

n. Javabeans, Java Programmiertechnologie die die kreation von mehrweg Softwareobjekte ermöglicht (Computer)


<programming> A component architecture for the Java programming language, developed initially by Sun, but now available from several other vendors. JavaBeans components are called "beans". JavaBeans allows developers to create reusable software components that can then be assembled together using visual application builder tools including Sybase's PowerJ, Borland's JBuilder, IBM's Visual Age for Java, SunSoft's Java Workshop and Symantec's Visual Cafe. JavaBeans support Introspection (a builder tool can analyze how a Bean works), Customisation (developers can customise the appearance and behaviour of a Bean), Events (Beans can communicate), Properties (developers can customise and program with Beans(?)) and Persistence (customised Beans can be stored and reused). (1997-11-20)


Jakarta Activation

Within computing, Jakarta Activation (JAF; formerly JavaBeans Activation Framework) is a Jakarta EE API that enables developers to:

  • determine the type of an arbitrary piece of data,
  • encapsulate access to it,
  • discover the operations available on it and
  • to instantiate the appropriate bean to perform the operation(s).

It also enables developers to dynamically register types of arbitrary data and actions associated with particular kinds of data. Additionally, it enables a program to dynamically provide or retrieve JavaBeans that implement actions associated with some kind of data. Originally an extension API, it was available as a standard API in Java SE (from Java SE 6 on) and Java EE, but was removed in Java SE 11.