Javanese$41381$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Javanese$41381$ - Übersetzung nach deutsch

Javanese (cat); Javanese division; Javanese Division

adj. aus oder sich auf Java (indonesische Insel) beziehend


¦ noun (plural same)
1. a native or inhabitant of Java, or a person of Javanese descent.
2. the Indonesian language of central Java.
¦ adjective relating to Java.


Javanese cat

The Javanese, also known as the Colorpoint (or Colourpoint) Longhair in some registries (though that name has other meanings), is a variety of purebred domestic cat. It is an Oriental-type, the long-haired equivalent of the Colorpoint Shorthair. The variety was developed in North America; its name is derived from the tradition of naming Oriental-type cats after Southeast Asian places. It is an offshoot of the Balinese breed, out-crossed to Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthair, and often having coat patterns not acceptable in those breeds. Individuals may or may not have point coloration.

Depending on the cat registry in question, it may be treated as a stand-alone breed, considered a Javanese division of the Balinese, or subsumed with the Himalayan into a merged breed called simply Colourpoint. Confusingly, one registry applies Javanese to a different breed. (See § Classification below for details; this article focuses on the CFA breed/sub-breed.)