Jeb Bush - Übersetzung nach Englisch

Jeb Bush - Übersetzung nach Englisch

John Ellis Bush; John E. "Jeb" Bush Jr.; Jebby Bush; Jeb Bush, Jr; John Ellis "Jeb" Bush; Jed Bush; Jeb Bush, Jr.; John Bush, Jr.; Jeb bush;; J. E. Bush; Noelle Bush; Jebidiah Bush; JEB Bush; Jeb! Bush
  • Bush (front right) with family, early 1960s
  • Bush being sworn in for his first term, January 1999
  • Bush in [[Derry, New Hampshire]] on June 16, 2015
  • Bush's campaign logo
  • Bush speaking in [[Iowa]], 2016
  • Bush at Rookery Bay participating in Earth Day activities in 2004
  • Bush as Florida Secretary of Commerce
  • CPAC]] in Washington D.C., 2015
  • Bush greeting British Prime Minister [[John Major]] in 1991, along with his father, President [[George H. W. Bush]]
  • Bush greeting President [[Ronald Reagan]] in 1986
  • his father]] in December 2018

Jeb Bush         
Jeb Bush (Name), Gouverneur des Staates Florida (USA), einer der Söhne des ehemaligen US-Präsidenten George Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush         
George Herbert Walker Bush; George H.W. Bush; G. H. W. Bush; George Bush Sr.; Bush Senior; George Bush, Sr.; Bush 41; George Bush Sr; George H W Bush; GHWB; George Herbert Bush; Bush I; George Bush (senior); George H. W, Bush; George Bush Senior; President Bush (senior); Bush-prime minister vomitus incident, 1992; Bush-41; Bush (41); George HW Bush; George h.w. bush; Daddy Bush; Papa Bush; George h bush; 41st President of the United States; GHW Bush; G.H.W. Bush; George Bush sr.; George H.W.Bush; Bush sr; George hw bush; Bush the Elder; George h.w bush; George the Older; Bush Sr.; President George H.W. Bush; Bush Snr.; President George H. W. Bush; G H W Bush; H W Bush; H. W. Bush; George H. W.; George H.W.; George H W; GeorgeHWBush; George H Bush; H.W. Bush; George Bush (41); George Bush (41st U.S. President); Vice President Bush; Senior Bush; Poppy Bush; G. H. Bush; George Bush snr; George H.W Bush; Herbert Walker Bush; "Vision thing"; Hw bush; George Bush Snr.; The vision thing; George Bush the Elder; George Bush I; George Bush 1; @GeorgeHWBush; President George Herbert Walker Bush; G H Bush; President Herbert Walker Bush; President H W Bush; President HW Bush; President H.W. Bush; President H. W. Bush; Forty-first President of the United States; 43rd Vice President of the United States; George Bush senior; Forty-third Vice President of the United States; VP Bush; Bush41; George H W. Bush; George Bush 41; Representative George Bush; Representative George H. W. Bush; Vice President George H. W. Bush; Vice President George H.W. Bush; Vice President George Bush; Vice Presidency of George H. W. Bush; Bush Sr; Old man bush; Bush 1; George Bush (born 1924); Bush, George H. W.; Public image of George H. W. Bush; George Bush (41st president); 41st President of America; 41st President of USA; 41st President of the US; 41st President of the USA; 41st President of the United States of America; 41st U.S. President; 41st U.S.A. President; 41st US President; 41st USA President; POTUS 41; POTUS41
n. George Herbert Walker Bush (1924 geboren), 41. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten (1989-1993), Vater des Präsidenten George Walker Bush
George Walker Bush         
  • offshore oil drill]] ban, June 18, 2008
  • George W. Bush and Laura at the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021
  • first inauguration]] as President of the United States
  • El Paso]], November 2005
  • [[Charlie Strong]] (left), Texas Longhorns head football coach, George W. Bush and Reverend [[Jesse Jackson]] hold up a [[Texas Longhorns football]] jersey at the [[LBJ Presidential Library]] in 2014.
  • debt]] increases from 2001 to 2009. Gross debt has increased over $500{{nbs}}billion each year since the 2003 fiscal year.
  • 2000 electoral vote results
  • 2004 electoral vote results
  • President Bush, beside firefighter [[Bob Beckwith]], addressing rescue workers at the [[World Trade Center site]]
  • President Bush and President [[Hamid Karzai]] of Afghanistan in Kabul, March 1, 2006
  • Barbara]] and [[George H. W. Bush]], {{circa}} 1947
  • Governor Bush (right) with father, former president George H. W. Bush, and wife, Laura, at the dedication of the [[George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum]], 1997
  • George W. Bush re-election campaign stop in [[Grand Rapids, Michigan]]
  • [[George W. Bush Presidential Center]], on the campus of [[Southern Methodist University]]
  • President Bush, with [[Naval Flight Officer]] Lieutenant Ryan Philips, after landing on the USS ''Abraham Lincoln'' prior to his [[Mission Accomplished speech]], May 1, 2003
  • Countries visited by President George W. Bush during his time in office
  • President Bush announcing his nomination of Alberto Gonzales as the next U.S. Attorney General, November 10, 2004
  • Gallup]]/''[[USA Today]]'' Bush public opinion polling from February 2001 to January 2009
  • Countries with major military operations throughout the war on terror launched by Bush, including those launched after his presidency
  • President Bush signing the [[No Child Left Behind Act]] into law, January 8, 2002
  • Former President George W. Bush and his wife being escorted to a waiting helicopter by President [[Barack Obama]] and First Lady [[Michelle Obama]] on January 20, 2009
  • Shoeing incident in Baghdad, Iraq, December 2008
  • President Bush with hurricane victims in [[Biloxi]], September 2, 2005
  • Clinton]] and Bush announce the [[Clinton Bush Haiti Fund]] after the 2010 earthquake.
  • Protest against the [[Iraq War]] in New London, Connecticut on May 23, 2007
  • Bush eulogizing his father at the National Cathedral, December 5, 2018
  • U.S. military presence]] in 2007
  • President Bush with Russian president [[Vladimir Putin]] in Shanghai, October 21, 2001. Russia had cooperated with the U.S. in the war on terror.
GeorgeWBush; George W; George Walker Bush; George W Bush; George Bush Jr.; Bush Junior; George Bush, Jr.; GW Bush; George Bush Jr; George Dubya; George Bush (2000); George Dubya Bush; George W.; Bush, George W.; Dubyuh; Dubya Bush; Bush (43); G. W. Bush; G.W. Bush; George Bush (43); George W Bush Jr; George Bush jr.; George Bush Junior; President Bush (younger); Educational background of George W. Bush; Dubbya; President George W. Bush; President George W Bush; President Bush (43); President George Walker Bush; G. W. B.; Goerge W. Bush; Gw bush; Bush-43; Geroge W Bush; G.w.bush; George W bush; George w Bush; 43rd President of the United States; George W.Bush; George Bush II; George bush 43; Bush the Younger; Bush the younger; Jenna and Barbara Bush; George w. bush; G W Bush; Barbara and Jenna Bush; George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States; Gorge W. Bush; Bush twins; Bush Twins; First Twins; George W. bush; Jorge W. Bush; Bush Jr.; US President George W. Bush; G. Walker Bush; Gorge w bush; Religious faith of George W. Bush; Bush 43; George W. Budh; George Bush (43rd U.S. President); Bush II; George w; George w.; George Bush 2; George w bush; George W. Buah; Junior Bush; Dub-ya; Doubya; G. Dub; George W. Bussh; GEORGE W. BUSH; Former President George W. Bush; George W. Bush Street; International perception of George W. Bush; Bush, George W; Geroge W. Bush; President Bush (junior); George Bush the Younger; International perception of george W. Bush; GWB (politician); George Bush, Jr; President W Bush; President W. Bush; Forty-third President of the United States; Bush Jr; President Bush (2000); Bush43; Post-presidency of George W. Bush; Assassination threats against George W. Bush; George Bush junior; George Bush 43; George W. Bush Elementary School; Dumb dubyah; George Bush (born 1946); George Bush (43rd president); George w. Bush; 43rd President of America; 43rd President of USA; 43rd President of the US; 43rd President of the USA; 43rd President of the United States of America; 43rd U.S. President; 43rd U.S.A. President; 43rd US President; 43rd USA President; POTUS 43; POTUS43
n. George Walker Bush (1946 geboren), 43. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten (2000-), ehemaliger Gouverneur von Texas, Sohn des George Herbert Bush


the bush
(in Australia and Africa) wild or uncultivated country.


Jeb Bush

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953) is an American politician and businessman who served as the 43rd governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Bush, who grew up in Houston, was the second son of former President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and a younger brother of former President George W. Bush. He graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a degree in Latin American affairs. In 1980, he moved to Florida and pursued a career in real estate development. In 1986, Bush became Florida's Secretary of Commerce. He served until 1988. At that time, he joined his father's successful campaign for the Presidency.

In 1994, Bush made his first run for office, losing the election for governor by less than two percentage points to the incumbent Lawton Chiles. Bush ran again in 1998 and defeated lieutenant governor Buddy MacKay with 55 percent of the vote, however he would succeed MacKay after Chiles died in office 23 days shy of his retirement. He ran for reelection in 2002, defeating Bill McBride and winning with 56 percent, to become Florida's first two-term Republican governor. During his eight years as governor, Bush pushed an ambitious Everglades conservation plan, supported caps for medical malpractice litigation, launched a Medicaid privatization pilot program, and instituted reforms to the state education system, including the issuance of vouchers and promoting school choice.

Bush announced his presidential candidacy on June 15, 2015. He suspended his campaign on February 20, 2016, shortly after the South Carolina primary, and endorsed Senator Ted Cruz on March 23, 2016.

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