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dark of the moon      
n. dark of the moon, side of the moon which is in shadow
dunkle Seite des Mondes      
the dark side of the moon, section of the moon that is hidden by the light of the sun
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1. And they marched people up the mountains in the dark of the moon,
Day After Night _ Anita Diamant _ Talks at Google
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1. But, as early as Dark of the Moon, which I directed in 1'4', I began to feel that young, inexperienced actors had some quality that could flow through them.
2. Email the Opinion Page EditorNaturally, after such a blistering condemnation, McPherson did what any official charged with guaranteeing the integrity and credibility of his state‘s elections would do: He approved the slipshod system by the dark of the moon, on a Friday before a holiday weekend, without any public hearings –– indeed, without waiting for the results of a pending federal review of Diebold‘s mole–infested code.