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American Market         
American Market (also known as Sitara Market) is a market located in Peshawar, Pakistan. It sells various types of electronic goods and is notorious for giving its visitors the opportunity to purchase various firearms and accessories.
Buyers Market of American Craft         
The American Made Show, (formerly known as the Buyers Market of American Craft) was the nation’s largest wholesale trade show, providing US and Canadian professional studio artists a venue to build relationships with qualified retailers and wholesale craft buyers. Founded by Wendy Rosen, the show featured approximately 1,500 artists exhibiting to meet more than 9,000 buyers from 8,000 companies from across the United States and Canada.
farmers market         
  • Meat at a farmers' market in Israel
  • Drawing by [[Marguerite Martyn]] of [[Soulard Farmers Market]], St. Louis, Missouri, in 1912
  • Nectarines at a local farmers' market
  • alt=Buckets of red, green, orange, and yellow peppers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
  • Sign advertising a farmers' market in [[Lismore, County Waterford]], Ireland.
  • Grand Prairie Farmers Market in [[Grand Prairie, Texas]]
  • ''Auf dem Vogelmarkt''<br />(women offering hares and wild birds), 18th-19th century
Farmers market; Farmer's market; Farmers' markets; Farmers' Market; Sunday market; Farm market; Farmer's markets; Greenmarket; Garden market; Farmers Market; Private gardening; Farmers markets; Farmer's Market; Far mar
Pronunciation examples for American Market
1. is new to the American market.
Kavalan Whisky _ Ian Chang _ Talks at Google
2. introduced to the American market in 1975.
Sugar - The Bitter Truth _ Robert Lustig _ Talks at Google
3. Suddenly, the American market opened up
The Making of America by England's Merchant _ John Butman _ Talks at Google
4. yet the American market never went any lower.
Quality of Earnings _ Thornton O'Glove _ Talks at Google
5. That is 90% of the American market-- 90%.
Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster _ Garrett Oliver _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of American Market
1. The American market is the most desirable in the world.
2. Reddy, have also increased their presence in the American market.
3. The industry also loves to please the American market.
4. There‘s a general reduction of foreign demand because the American market is shrinking.
5. Ciporin joined the company shortly after its establishment, specifically to push it toward the American market.