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Bard Prison Initiative         
The Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) is a program of Bard College that provides college education to people in prison. Currently operating in six prisons across New York State, BPI's academic programs engage students in the full breadth of liberal study and end in associate and bachelor's degrees from Bard.
Harry Bard         
  • Harry Bard between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915
Harry E. Bard; Harry Edwin Bard; Harry Erwin Bard
Harry Erwin Bard (August 27, 1867 - July 13, 1955) was secretary of the Pan American Society of the United States. He was also an author on education specializing in South America.
Joseph Bard         
Diamant Joszef; Diamant Jószef; Joszef Diamant; Jószef Diamant; Josef Bard; József Diamant; Jozsef Diamant; Bard, Joseph
Joseph Bard (18 May 1892 – 1975), born József Diamant, was an expatriate Hungarian writer, known for a novel Shipwreck in Europe (1928) and short stories written in English, and as a literary editor. He settled in the United Kingdom, where he was later known as Joseph Bard.