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Bardai Brahmins         
Bardai Brahmins are a community living in Western India. They traditionally have a variety of professions, including priesthood, merchants, revenue collectors, teachers, and village policemen.
List of Deshastha Brahmins         
  • [[Shripad Amrit Dange]], a founding member of the [[Communist Party of India]] (CPI).
  • Marathi]] [[Varkari]] [[saint]]
  • RSS]].
  • [[Gurunath Venkatesh Bewoor]] on 1989 commemorative stamp of India.
  • Diwan]] of [[Travancore]], [[Baroda]] and [[Indore]], a painting by [[Raja Ravi Verma]].
  • [[Bharat Ratna]] [[Nanaji Deshmukh]] on 2017 commemorative stamp of India.
  • Bust of [[Ramchandra Pant Amatya]]
  • Statue of [[Tatya Tope]]
List of prominent Deshastha Brahmins; List of Deshastha Brahmins of distinction; List of Deshasthas; Draft:List of Deshastha Brahmins
Deshastha Brahmins form a major sub-caste of Brahmins in states of Maharashtra and north Karnataka in India. They is a sizeable number of them in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.
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  • Major Mohit Sharma]], AC,SM, COASM
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  • XIX Commonwealth Games-2010 Delhi [[Yogeshwar Dutt]] of India won the gold medal in (Men's) Wrestling 60 kg Freestyle
Gauda brahmins; Gauḍa brahmin; Gauda brahmin; Gauḍa Brahmins; Gaud; Gaur Brahmin; Gaur brahmin; Gauḍa brahmins; Gauda Brahmins; List of Gaur Brahmins
¦ noun archaic a showy and purely ornamental thing.
ME (denoting a trick or pretence): perh. via Anglo-Norman Fr. from OFr. gaudir 'rejoice', from L. gaudere.