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Bardiccio fiorentino         
Bardiccio, also known as bardiccio fiorentino, or salsiccia matta is a typical Tuscan cold cut, similar to burischio, whose preparation is based on the use of the less valuable and rich in blood parts of pork. Its typical dark red color depends on the quantity of heart - generally bovine - used in the mixture.
Pier Francesco Fiorentino         
Pseudo Pier Francesco Fiorentino
Pier Francesco Fiorentino (1444/1445 – after 1497) was a 15th-century painter active in San Gimignano for much of his mature life, depicting religious-themed subjects.
Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino         
  • St.Michael, sculpture by Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino on the dome of the [[Šibenik Cathedral]] of St James, Croatia
ITALIAN ARTIST (1418-1506)
Niccolò Fiorentino; Niccolo Fiorentino; Nikola Firentinac; Niccolo di Giovanni Fiorentino
Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino (Croatian: Nikola Firentinac) called Nicolas of Florence (1418 in Bagno a Ripoli – 1506 in Šibenik), was an Italian Renaissance sculptor and architect, active in Venice and Dalmatia.