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Barebone; Barebones; Bare bones; Bare Bones (album); Bare Bones (disambiguation); Bare Bones (Album)

·noun A very lean person; one whose bones show through the skin.
bare bones         
see bone
Barebones productions         
barebones productions is a professional theatre company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which produces contemporary plays. Its mission is to "facilitate the growth of local theater artists through the production of challenging, entertaining, thought-provoking plays and attracts new young theater audiences by employing minimal production elements for maximum impact.


Bare Bones

Bare Bones, Barebone or Barebones may refer to:

  • Bare Bones (Bryan Adams album), a 2010 live acoustic album
  • Bare Bones (Madeleine Peyroux album), a 2009 album
  • Bare Bones (Wishbone Ash album), a 1999 album
  • Bare Bones (novel), a 2003 novel by Kathy Reichs
  • Bare Bones Software, a Macintosh computer software developer
  • Barebone computer, a type of computer hardware
  • Praise-God Barebone (c. 1598–1679), English leather-seller, preacher and Fifth Monarchist
  • Barebone's Parliament, a form of government in 17th century England, named after Praise-God Barebone
  • Barebones / Boris, a 1996 split EP by drone doom band Boris and Barebones