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·adj Having the legs bare.
Pronunciation examples for Barelegged
1. I was standing topless and barelegged in front of the police,
Examples of use of Barelegged
1. Socks are a status symbol – does that mean barelegged westerners are all peasants?
2. See the photos Kate Moss gives her barelegged support to the London bid Click here To go with the unveiling of the details of London‘s bid for the 2012 Olympics, a special advert – featuring east London–born David Beckham and Johny Vaughan among other famous faces – was sent to the International Olympic Committee.
3. Skip gossip links to more articles In focus÷ London‘s Olympic 2012 bid Highlights÷ IOC report on London‘s Olympic bid Photos÷ Olympic parties in Paris and Madrid Gallery÷ The Olympic inspectors visit London Photos÷ A barelegged Kate Moss backs the bid Pictures÷ London‘s proposed 2012 Olympic designs Latest÷ More sport news London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe, responding to IOC evaluation report and looking ahead to the IOC vote on July 6, said÷ "This is a springboard for the next 30 days.