Barentshav-class offshore patrol vessel - meaning and definition. What is Barentshav-class offshore patrol vessel
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What (who) is Barentshav-class offshore patrol vessel - definition

Barentshav-class offshore patrol vessel         
Barentshav class opv; Barentshav class OPV; Barentshav class offshore patrol vessel
The Barentshav class of offshore patrol vessels consists of three vessels powered by liquefied natural gas. Ordered for the Norwegian Coast Guard, their main tasks are EEZ patrol, fishery inspection, search and rescue as well as tug readiness along the shore of Norway which is seeing increasing traffic from tankers.
Ægir-class offshore patrol vessel         
Ægir class OPV; AEgir class offshore patrol vessel; Ægir class offshore patrol vessel; Aegir-class offshore patrol vessel
The Ægir-class offshore patrol vessel is a class of two offshore patrol vessels serving in the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG). They participated in the two latter Cod Wars.
Sukanya-class patrol vessel         
The Sukanya-class patrol vessels are large, offshore patrol craft in active service with the Indian Navy. Three lead ships were built by Korea Tacoma, now part of Hanjin Group.