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Barha Tegin         
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  • Vilurayukari Period of Sahi Tigin
  • Account of [[Gandhara]] by [[Hyecho]] (first three lines given here).
with inscription "Lord Ranasrikari" (Brahmi script: Sri Ranasrikari, "The Lord who brings excellence through war"), with tamgha of the Turk Shahis: . In this realistic portrait, he wears the double-lapel Turkic caftan, and a crown with three crescents (one hidden from view) surmounted by the head of a wolf, a Turkic symbol.
Tegin Shah         
Khorasan Tegin Shah; Shahi Tegin; Sahi Tigin
Brahmi inscription around (starting 11:00): sri-hitivira kharalava parame – svara sri sahi tiginadeva karita ("His Excellency, Iltäbär of Khalaj, worshipper of the Supreme God, His Excellency the King, the divine Lord Tegin had minted this coin"). Inside, Bactrian inscription: σρι Ϸανο Sri Shaho (His Excellency the King").
Barha dynasty         
  • A cavalryman of the Saadat-e Barah
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Barha Dynasty
The Barha Dynasty is an Indian Muslim dynasty of Sayyid origin, descending from the 7th-century AD Caliph, Ali. It is among the largest and oldest royal houses in India and the world, and consists of Abdullah al Wasiti, the founder of the dynasty, and his male-line descendants, who ruled in South Asia from their arrival at the close of the 10th century until the second half of the 20th century.