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Baris monticola         
Baris monticola is a species of flower weevil in the beetle family Curculionidae. It is found in North America.
Barış Manço         
  • Barış Manço Museum.
  • Cameraman Erkan Umut and Barış Manço in [[Teotihuacan]], [[Mexico]] in 1998.
  • Istanbul]].
  • title=Barış Manço House Museum}}</ref>
Baris Manco; Baris Manço; Baris Mancho; Trip Fairground; Gülpembe; Sözüm Meclisten Dışarı; Manço, Barış

Mehmet Barış Manço (born Tosun Yusuf Mehmet Barış Manço; 2 January 1943 – 1 February 1999), better known by his stage name Barış Manço, was a Turkish rock musician, singer, composer, actor, television producer and show host. Beginning his musical career while attending Galatasaray High School, he was a pioneer of rock music in Turkey and one of the founders of the Anatolian rock genre. Manço composed around 200 songs and is among the best-selling and most awarded Turkish artists to date. Many of his songs were translated into a variety of languages including English, French, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, and German, among others. Through his TV program, 7'den 77'ye ("From 7 to 77"), Manço traveled the world and visited many countries on the globe. He remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey.

Baris dance         
  • ''Baris demang'' dancers in [[Singaraja]] (1865-1866); photo by [[Isidore van Kinsbergen]]
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Baris gede; Baris (dance)
Baris dance is a family of traditional war dances in Bali, Indonesia, accompanied by gamelan, in which dancers depict the feelings of a young warrior prior to battle, glorify the manhood of the triumphant Balinese warrior, and display the sublimity of his commanding presence. Baris derives its name from the word bebarisan, which literally means "line" or "file formation", referring to the soldiers who served the ancient rajas of Bali.