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Barisal Metropolitan Police         
Barishal Metropolitan Police or BMP was established in 2006 based on Barishal city to serve the metropolis. It was established by an ordinance of The Barisal Metropolitan Police Ordinance - 2006.
History of the Metropolitan Police         
  • A contemporary engraving from ''[[The Illustrated London News]]'' of Bloody Sunday in 1887
  • Metropolitan Police officers overseeing the "Protest the Pope" rally on 18 September 2010
  • An 1850s Metropolitan Police 'Peeler'
  • Beaument Adams Revolver
  • Carved [[whale bone]] [[whistle]] dated 1821 and reportedly later used by a Metropolitan Police "Peeler". 8 cm long.
  • Flyer for the Chartist demonstration on Kennington Common, 1848
  • The ''[[Daily Mirror]]'' front page reporting the funeral of PC William Tyler, the Metropolitan Police officer killed during the Tottenham Outrage, 1909
  • The Met deployed some of their specialist riot vehicles, similar to this one pictured, to the 2009 G-20 protests
  • Joseph Sadler Thomas in uniform as first Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police's F (Covent Garden) Division between 1829 and 1833 - previously a parish constable for [[St Paul's, Covent Garden]], he later became Deputy Constable of [[Manchester City Police]] (1833-1839)
  • A 1930s American police rattle of the type used by the early Metropolitan Police
  • Sergeants Tucker and Bentley and Constable Choate, murdered while on duty on 16 December 1910
  • Sofia Stanley in NUWW patrol officer uniform - from 1919 to 1923 she led the Met's first official female patrols
  • Metropolitan Police Service officers in Soho, London, 2007
  • Webley "Bulldog" Revolver
Woman police constable; Peeler (law enforcement); London Police Division; Metropolitan Police Divisions; Woman Police Constable; History of the Metropolitan Police Service
The history of the Metropolitan Police in London is long and complex, with many different events taking place between its inception in 1829 to the present day.
Receiver of the Metropolitan Police         
The Receiver, formally called The Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District (and sometimes referred to early in the post's existence as the Receiver-General), was until 2000 the chief financial officer of the Metropolitan Police in London, the Treasurer of the Metropolitan Police Fund. He was always a civilian, not a police officer.