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Barker's Bush         
Barker's Bush is a forest located in the Grand River watershed near the banks of the Nith River in the community of Paris, County of Brant, Ontario, Canada. The bush is directly north and west of Lion's Park, and less than one kilometre northwest of the confluence of the Nith and the Grand rivers.
Bush (beer)         
User:Barbec/Bush (beer); Bush (Dubuisson)
Bush is a Belgian beer. There are a few types of Bush but the most famous is the high-fermentation amber beer with a strong taste of malt.
Bush ballad         
  • Adam Gordon
  • Banjo Paterson
  • Henry Lawson
  • First page of "The Dying Stockman," a bush ballad published in Banjo Paterson's 1905 collection ''The Old Bush Songs''
Bush poet; Bush poetry; Bush songs; Bush ballads; Bush song; Bush poem; Bush music; Bush poems; Bush balladry; Bush verse; Bush-ballad
The bush ballad, bush song or bush poem is a style of poetry and folk music that depicts the life, character and scenery of the Australian bush. The typical bush ballad employs a straightforward rhyme structure to narrate a story, often one of action and adventure, and uses language that is colourful, colloquial and idiomatically Australian.