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Bode Gorge         
  • The ''Bodekessel''
  • The Bode Gorge entering the Bode Gorge Nature Reserve at Treseburg
  • View from the cable car to the ''Hexentanzplatz'' over the entry of the Bode into the ravine. The Goethe Cliffs (''Goethefelsen'') are in the foreground.
  • Cliffs at ''Langer Hals'' in the Bode Gorge
  • Old beeches on a cliff above the Bode
  • Fresh piece of Ramberg granite from the Bode Gorge
  • Main footpath in the Bode Gorge
  • 3-D]]-[[documentation]] about 1900:<br />
<small>[[stereoscopy]] No. ''573'' by ''Knackstedt & Näther''</small>
  • The ''Wilde Bode'' and granite blocks
  • The ''Zahme Bode'' north of Treseburg
Bodetal; Bode Valley; Hirschgrund; Prinzensicht; La Vieres Höhe; Pfeil-Denkmal; La Viershöhe; Prinzensicht (Aussichtspunkt); Sonnenklippe (Bodetal); Sonnenklippe; Weißer Hirsch (Aussichtspunkt); Weißer Hirsch
The Bode Gorge () is a long ravine that forms part of the Bode valley between Treseburg and Thale in the Harz Mountains of central Germany. The German term, Bodetal (literally "Bode Valley"), is also used in a wider sense to refer to the valleys of the Warme and Kalte Bode rivers that feed the River Bode.
Ken Bode         
Draft:Ken Bode; Kenneth Adlam Bode; Kenneth Bode
Kenneth Adlam Bode (March 30, 1939 – June 2, 2022) was an American television host. He was the moderator of Washington Week from 1994 to 1999.
Schöllenen Gorge         
  • Panoramic view of Schöllenen Gorge looking to the north (2007)
  • View of the ''Urnerloch'' tunnel ([[Salomon Gessner]], 1781)
  • Construction of the second bridge, Karl Blechen (c. 1833)
  • Schöllenenbahn railway bridge and tunnel
  • }}; 2006 photograph)
  • Detail from [[Johann Jakob Scheuchzer]]'s ''Nova Helvetiae Tabula Geographica'' 1712, showing the holy man preventing the Devil from hurling the rock (illustration by [[Johann Melchior Füssli]]).
  • Modern illustration of the ''Twärrenbrücke'' (Theodor Barth, 1919), reflecting the unhistorical (but widely repeated) tradition describing it as supported by chains.
Teufelsbrücke; Schoellenen Gorge; Schollenen Gorge; Teufelsbrucke; Schöllenen
Schöllenen Gorge () is a gorge formed by the upper Reuss in the Swiss canton of Uri between the towns of Göschenen to the north and Andermatt to the south. It provides access to the St Gotthard Pass.