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Bodge; Bodger; Chair bodger; Chair-bodgering
  • [[Polelathe]] in a museum in Seiffen, Germany.
  • The Bodger's Hut at [[Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre]]

To cobble something together, made from bits and pieces, derived from scrap, etc. - from the TV series Junkyard Wars.
I hit the speed bump and broke the axle on my Honda, so I bodged a new one from some two-by-fours, some duct tape, a tractor pin and my dad's golf clubs.
(bodges, bodging, bodged)
If you bodge something, you make it or mend it in a way that is not as good as it should be. (BRIT INFORMAL)
I thought he had bodged the repair.
= botch
·noun A botch; a patch.
II. Bodge ·vi ·see Budge.
III. Bodge ·vt To Botch; to mend clumsily; to Patch.



Bodging (full name chair-bodgering) is a traditional woodturning craft, using green (unseasoned) wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts of chairs. The work was done close to where a tree was felled. The itinerant craftsman who made the chair legs was known as a bodger or chair-bodger.

Examples of use of Bodge
1. Insurers have by no means cured the British disease single–handed, but as bodge–jobbers everywhere will tell you, a partial cure is better than nothing.
2. But the City probably needs to do more to nurture and retain up–and–coming advisory talent before UK chief executives are bereft of good counsel altogether.Insurance tonic for all One of the mysteries of modern Britain is what happened to the DIY bodge job.