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Bodil Koch         
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Bodil Koch (25 October 1903 – 7 January 1972) was the wife of a prominent professor, a Social Democrat, and a minister. She was married to professor Hal Koch, an advocate of democracy as a continuing deliberation instead of the majority's rights over the minorities.
Bodil Honorary Award         
Honorary Bodil; Honorary Bodil Award
The Bodil Honorary Award (, Honorary Bodil) is one of the special awards at the annual Danish Bodil Awards presented by the Danish Film Critics Association. It was awarded for the first time at the 2nd Bodil Awards in 1949, and pro re nata until 1997, since when it has been awarded annually.
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  • Bodil Biørn
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Bodil Katharine Bioern; Bodil Katharine Biorn; Bodil Biørn
Bodil Katharine Biørn (27 May 1871 – 22 July 1960), also known as Mother Katharine, was a Norwegian missionary.