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Body farm         
Body Farm; Body garden; Cadaver garden; Cadaver farm; Corpse garden; Corpse farm; Bone farm
A body farm is a research facility where decomposition of humans and other animals can be studied in a variety of settings. The initial facility was conceived by anthropologist William M.
Antenna farm         
Satellite Dish Antenna Farm; Satellite Dish Farm; Dish Farm; Antenna Farm; Dish Antenna Farm; Tower farm
Antenna farm or satellite dish farm or just dish farm are terms used to describe an area dedicated to television or radio telecommunications transmitting or receiving antenna equipment, such as C, Ku or Ka band satellite dish antennas, UHF/VHF/AM/FM transmitter towers or mobile cell towers.Google Book Search - Wireless telecom FAQs By Clint SmithGoogle Book Search - Wireless Crash Course By Paul Bedell
The Farm (American band)         
The Farm Inc.; The Farm (U.S. band)
The Farm, also known as The Farm Inc., was an American country music trio consisting of Nick Hoffman (vocals, fiddle), Damien Horne (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Krista Marie (vocals, guitar).
Pronunciation examples for Body farm
1. I was at Western Carolina University at their "Body Farm,"
2. There are still a few knowledge gaps -- the first non-American body farm is being built
The Strange, Smelly Science of Decomposing Bodies
3. the first body farm at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
The Strange, Smelly Science of Decomposing Bodies
4. So, after a few decades’ worth of body farm research, we know a fair amount about how
The Strange, Smelly Science of Decomposing Bodies
Examples of use of Body farm
1. Some of the methods of doing this have been pioneered by the Body Farm.
2. You get so involved in your project, you don‘t even really realise there‘s another body lying on the ground, just right beside you Body Farm student "We teach them archaeological techniques so that they can recover evidence and bone in context," says Dr Lee Meadows–Jance, the co–ordinator of the Body Farm and one of the trainers.
3. Maggots The Body Farm receives around 50 bodies a year, which are placed in the woods and other environments around the facility.
4. Bass III founded his "Anthropology Research Facility" in 1'80 and saw it become a sensation after it was featured as "the body farm" in a Patricia Cornwell novel.
5. It will be just the second such "body farm" in the country _ the first was found in 1'80 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.