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Bodybuilding in France         
Bodybuilding in France dates to 1847. The country has a national federation that is a member of the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Transport in France         
  • [[Bordeaux tramway]] with Alstom [[ground-level power supply]], a technology that as of 2022 is being considered for [[electric road]]s.
  • 201x201px
  • SNCF freight train running on the ''"Grande ceinture complémentaire"'' network inter yard in suburb of Paris. Here, the train is passing along the closed Villemomble yard in direction of Valenton.
  • Brest station.
  • Paris-Gare de l'Est]]
  • Barge on the [[Canal Saint-Denis]]
  • Container terminal at [[Port of Le Havre]]
  • The ring road in Paris.
  • French autoroute]] network
  • Train at Strasbourg.
  • double-decker TGV train]] in [[Toulon]]
  • [[Charles de Gaulle Airport]], Paris
  • [[Eurotram]] in [[Strasbourg]]
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Transportation in France relies on one of the densest networks in the world with 146 km of road and 6.2 km of rail lines per 100 km2.
Sport in France         
  • Formula one]].
  • MotogGP]]
  • France playing Wales during the [[2007 Six Nations Championship]].
  • [[Nikola Karabatic]] is 4-times World champion, 3-times Olympic champion, and 3-times European champion.
  • [[Vincent Riou]] won the [[Vendée Globe]] in 2004
  • [[Sébastien Loeb]] (2005) had been world champion (9) of WRC.
  • Roland Garros]]
  • [[Zinedine Zidane]]
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Sport in France plays an important role in French society, which is reflected in its popularity among the French people and the nation's strong sporting history. Various types of sports are played and followed in France, the biggest one being Cycling, also one of the most popular, is football.