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Boeing Model 306         
Boeing 306
The Boeing Model 306 was the designation for a series of aircraft drafted in 1935 that achieved neither design nor production status. They included the Model 306 bomber, Model 306 flying boat, and Model 306A airliner.
Boeing 80         
  • Boeing Model 80A-1 in Museum of Flight in Seattle
Boeing Model 80; Boeing Model 226; Boeing 80A; Boeing 226
The Boeing 80 was an American airliner of the 1920s. A three-engined biplane, the Model 80 was built by the Boeing Airplane Company for Boeing's own airline, Boeing Air Transport, successfully carrying both airmail and passengers on scheduled services.
Boeing Model 40         
  • Model 40C Pilot's panel with some modern features added for safe operation
  • A Boeing Model 40 flying over mountains in Washington State, 1930s.
  • Model 40C front seat of rear passenger cabin showing the fold-down writing desk/table
  • Cover flown from San Francisco to Chicago by a Model 40A operated by Boeing Air Transport on the first day US Transcontinental Air Mail under Contract. July 1, 1927
  • Model 40C at Oshkosh 2008. Both passenger entry doors, one for each of the two-seat rows, are on the left side of the fuselage.
  • Boeing Model 40C at Oshkosh 2008
Boeing 40A; Boeing 40; Boeing Model 40A; Boeing Model 40B; Boeing Model 40B-2; Boeing Model 40B-4; Boeing Model 40B-4A; Boeing Model 40C; Boeing Model 40H-4; Boeing Model 40X; Boeing Model 40Y
The Boeing Model 40 was a United States mail plane of the 1920s. It was a single-engined biplane that was widely used for airmail services in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, especially by airlines that later became part of United Airlines.