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Boeotus of Sicyon         
Boeotus of Sicyon was an ancient Greek athlete listed by Eusebius of Caesarea as a victor in the stadion race of the 164th Olympiad (124 BC).Eusebius of Caesarea, Chronicle References ==
Neophron of Sicyon
Neophron of Sicyon (Νεόφρων, -ονος) was one of the most prolific of the ancient Greek dramatists, to whom are accredited one hundred and twenty pieces, of which only a few fragments of his Medea remain. This, it is said, Euripides used in his tragedy which bears the same title, although modern scholarship is divided on which tragedy came first.
Epopeus of Sicyon         
Epopeus (king of Sicyon)
In Greek mythology, Epopeus (; Ancient Greek: Ἐπωπεύς) was the 17th king of Sicyon, with an archaic bird-name that linked him to epops (ἔποψ), the hoopoe, the "watcher"."Now the long list of Sicyonian kings which we find in Pausanias touches on bird lore at more than one juncture", Noel Robertson observes, in "Callimachus' Tale of Sicyon ('SH' 238)" Phoenix 53.