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Pronunciation of English c; C (letter); Letter c; Letter C; Alphabet: Letter C; C; U+0043; Cee (letter); ASCII 67; ASCII 99; \x43; U+0063
  • Pictogram of a Camel
  • Latin C
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  • '''C''' in [[copyright symbol]]
  • Early Etruscan C
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  • Etruscan C
  • Greek Gamma
  • Early Greek Gamma
  • Old Latin
  • Phoenician gimel
  • A curled C in the coat of arms of [[Porvoo]]

·- As a numeral, C stands for Latin centum or 100, CC for 200, ·etc.
II. C ·- The "C clef," a modification of the letter C, placed on any line of the staff, shows that line to be middle C.
III. C ·- C after the clef is the mark of common time, in which each measure is a semibreve (four fourths or crotchets); for alla breve time it is written /.
IV. C ·- The keynote of the normal or "natural" scale, which has neither flats nor sharps in its signature; also, the third note of the relative minor scale of the same.
V. C ·- C is the third letter of the English alphabet. It is from the Latin letter C, which in old Latin represented the sounds of k, and g (in go); its original value being the latter. In Anglo-Saxon words, or Old English before the Norman Conquest, it always has the sound of k. The Latin C was the same letter as the Greek /, /, and came from the Greek alphabet. The Greeks got it from the Ph/nicians. The English name of C is from the Latin name ce, and was derived, probably, through the French. Etymologically C is related to g, h, k, q, s (and other sibilant sounds). Examples of these relations are in ·Lat. acutus, ·Eng. acute, ague; ·Eng. acrid, eager, vinegar; ·Lat. cornu, ·Eng. horn; ·Eng. cat, kitten; ·Eng. coy, quiet; ·Lat. circare, ·OF cerchier, ·Eng. search.
<language> A programming language designed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs ca. 1972 for systems programming on the PDP-11 and immediately used to reimplement Unix. It was called "C" because many features derived from an earlier compiler named "B". In fact, C was briefly named "NB". B was itself strongly influenced by BCPL. Before Bjarne Stroustrup settled the question by designing C++, there was a humorous debate over whether C's successor should be named "D" or "P" (following B and C in "BCPL"). C is terse, low-level and permissive. It has a {macro preprocessor}, cpp. Partly due to its distribution with Unix, C became immensely popular outside Bell Labs after about 1980 and is now the dominant language in systems and microcomputer applications programming. It has grown popular due to its simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility. C programs are often easily adapted to new environments. C is often described, with a mixture of fondness and disdain, as "a language that combines all the elegance and power of assembly language with all the readability and maintainability of assembly language". Ritchie's original C, known as K&R C after Kernighan and Ritchie's book, has been standardised (and simultaneously modified) as ANSI C. See also ACCU, ae, c68, c386, C-Interp, cxref, dbx, dsp56k-gcc, dsp56165-gcc, gc, GCT, GNU C, GNU superoptimiser, Harvest C, malloc, mpl, Pthreads, ups. [Jargon File] (1996-06-01)
(also c)
¦ noun (plural Cs or C's)
1. the third letter of the alphabet.
2. denoting the third in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.
3. Music the first note of the diatonic scale of C major, the major scale having no sharps or flats.
4. the Roman numeral for 100. [abbrev. of L. centum 'hundred'.]
5. (C) a computer programming language originally developed for implementing the Unix operating system. [formerly known as B, abbrev. of BCPL.]
¦ abbreviation
1. (C.) Cape (chiefly on maps).
2. cargo (in designations of US aircraft types): a C-130.
3. Celsius or centigrade.
4. (in names of sports clubs) City.
5. (C.) Brit. Command Paper (second series, 1870-99).
6. (in Britain) Conservative.
7. ((c)) copyright.
8. Physics coulomb(s).
9. Cuba (international vehicle registration).
¦ symbol
1. Physics capacitance.
2. the chemical element carbon.
the Big C informal cancer.



C, or c, is the third letter in the Latin alphabet, used in the modern English alphabet, the alphabets of other western European languages and others worldwide. Its name in English is cee (pronounced ), plural cees.

Pronunciation examples for C
1. So C in C major, C in C minor, C in C seven, C in C diminished.
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2. B, C, B, C, B, C, B --
3. "C! C-A..."
Johnny English (2003)
4. ...C, G, C.
The School of Rock (2003)
5. C, C, it doesn't matter.
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Examples of use of C
1. Highest temperature on Friday was recorded 44 C in Nokkundi, while maximum temperature in major cities recorded as: Islamabad 28 C, Lahore 32 C, Karachi 30 C, Peshawar 27 C, Quetta 34 C, Murree 1' C and Multan 40 C.
2. Smith (PG–13) C+ Rent (PG–13) C+ Robots (PG) C+ Shopgirl (R) C+ Tim Burton‘s Corpse Bride (PG) C+ War of the Worlds (PG–13) C+ Zathura (PG) C+ Aeon Flux (PG–13) C
3. TV interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson gave her daughter which particularly silly name? a) Dixie Dot b) Shyla Stripe c) Zara Zig–Zag ANSWERS: 1, C. 2, A. 3, A. 4, A. 5, A. 6, C. 7, A. 8, B. ', C. 10, B. 11, A. 12, B. 13, C. 14, B. 15, C. 16, C. 17, A. 18, A. 1', B. 20, C. 21, C. 22, C. 23, B. 24, A. 25, A. 26, C. 27, B. 28, C. 2', A. 30, B. 31, C. 32, C. 33, B. 34, A. 35, B. 36, A.
4. Signitories 1.Commander/ Ahmed Abdel Shafi Yagoub Baasi 2.C/ Al Haj Younis Abakar 3.Ustaz Babikir Abdalla Mohamed 4.C/ Abdou Abdalla Ismail 5.C/Abdel Basit Abdalla Abdel Gabbar 6.C/Abdel Aziz Mohamed Goumaa (Danforth) 7.C/Ahmed Siraj 8.C/Abou El Gasim Imam El Haj '.C/Nasr El Din Torou 10.C/Ismail Karokoya 11.C/ Abdalla Abbakar Mohamed 12.Ustaz Mohei El Din Abdalla Abdel Gabbar 13.C/ Yagoub Abdalla Ali Sumbo 14.C/ Omer Mohamed 15.C/Ismail Abdalla (Abou Digin) 16.C/ Abdalla Al Sudani 17.C/ Adam Hassan 18.Dr.
5. Canadian Natural Resources added C$1.27, or 3 percent, to C$44.27 on Thursday, and Shell Canada was up C$2.24, or 2.4 percent, at C$'7.75.