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Charlotte Mint         
  • 1839-C $5 Gold Coin, Reverse
  • 1839-C $5 Gold Coin
  • Cover of The Mint Museum of Art at Charlotte, A Brief History
The Charlotte Mint was the first United States branch mint. It was located in Charlotte, North Carolina and specialized in gold coinage.
Canton Mint         
  • Photo of mint staff circa 1900
Guangzhou Mint
The Canton Mint () also romanised as Kwangtung Mint was a mint located in Guangdong, China which produced coinage at the discretion of the Canton Provincial government. Opened in 1889 it was the first mint in China that used modern minting techniques and was at the time the largest mint in the world producing 2.
Mint Museum         
  • Mint Museum in uptown Charlotte
  • Mint Museum interior
  • ''Rose Harvest'' by [[Harry Siddons Mowbray]], 1887
Mint Museum of Art; Mint Museum of Craft + Design; Mint Museums; Mint Museum of Craft & Design
The Mint Museum, also referred to as The Mint Museums, is a cultural institution comprising two museums, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Mint Museum Randolph and Mint Museum Uptown, together these two locations have hundreds of collections showcasing art and design from around the globe.