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Charlton Rafaela         
Charlton Raffaela
Charlton Rafaela (born 23 July 1977 in Willemstad) is an Antillean sprinter, who specializes in the 100 metres.
Autódromo Ciudad de Rafaela         
The Autódromo Ciudad de Rafaela is a motor racing circuit in Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina built in 1952 and paved in 1966.
Conrad Charlton         
Con Charlton; Hazel Charlton; Hazel Fuller
Conrad Charlton (18 May 1888 – 6 June 1976), often referred to as Con Charlton, was an Australian baritone singer and entertainer, and radio announcer (his was the first voice heard on ABC station 2BL, on 1 July 1932) The title and opening paragraph are not entirely accurate — see text. before being appointed manager for several state branches of the Australian Broadcasting Commission.