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Charroi de Nîmes         
The Charroi de Nîmes (English: "Cartage (or Convoy of Merchandise) of Nîmes"), is an Old French chanson de geste from the first half of the twelfth-century,Perrier, iv. part of the cycle of chansons concerning Guillaume (or William) of Orange, generally referred to collectively as the Geste de Guillaume d'Orange.
Feria de Nîmes         
  • [[Arena of Nîmes]] - Evening
Feria de Nîmes is a popular festival centered on Spanish-style bullfighting held each year in Nîmes, Southern France. In May 2012, the Feria celebrated its 60th anniversary.
Costières de Nîmes AOC         
  • A rosé wine from the Costières de Nîmes AOC.
Costières de Nîmes is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for wines that are produced in an area between the ancient city of Nîmes and the western Rhône delta, in the French department of the Gard. Formerly part of the Languedoc region of France, as the wines more resemble those of the Rhône valley in character than of the Languedoc, it is now part of the Rhone wine area and administered by the Rhône Wine committee which has its headquarters in Avignon.