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Chartrand () is a surname that originates from France. It is a variation of the word "Chartrain", meaning someone from the city of Chartres.
Ervin Chartrand         
Draft:Ervin Chartrand
Ervin Chartrand is a Canadian Métis/Ojibwe director, writer and producer. He is best known for directing the films 504938C (2005) and First Stories: Patrick Ross (2006).
Chartrand et Simonne         
Simmone et Chartrand; Chartrand et simonne
Chartrand et Simonne is a French-Canadian biographical drama television mini-series about social activists Michel Chartrand and Simonne Monet. The series lasted for a total of twelve episodes, with the first six airing in 2000 on Radio-Canada and the remaining six in 2003 on Télé-Québec (re-titled as Simonne et Chartrand).
Pronunciation examples for Chartrand
1. So researchers Neil and Chartrand
The Mindful Geek _ Michael Taft _ Talks at Google
2. A woman named Tanya Chartrand in the late 90s, ran a very famous psychology experiment.
Infinite Reality - Revealing the Blueprints of our Virtual Lives _ Jeremy Bailenson _ Talks at Google
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1. Gordeyev Promotes Trade with Canada Combined Reports Fred Chartrand / AP Gordeyev holding up a Vancouver Canucks hockey jersey presented to him by Emerson, right, in Ottawa on Tuesday.
2. Photograph: Fred Chartrand/AP Four years ago, Canadian Maher Arar was detained on a routine airport stopover in the United States.